Attraction Stats

3D Movie

Show Length: 8 Minutes

Great for All Ages

Open since April 22, 1998

Location: Discovery Island, Animal Kingdom

If you want to see your favorite characters from A Bug’s Life, head to the Tree of Life. There you’ll join Flik and friends to see life through a bug’s perspective in It’s Tough To Be a Bug, a 3D movie located in the heart of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This show invites the audience to be a bug for the day, and visual as well as viceral surprises await them throughout the attraction. The theater is extremely dark and some small children have been frightened by this show. Overall, this show is an entertaining way to spend 10 minutes at the park.

As a Disney World visitor told Guide2WDW: “We have girls 6 and 9 yrs. of age. The presentation starts off simple enough, Flik comes out and does his thing, very nice. Hopper shows up after that and unleashes all the bad bugs. Black Widow spiders which come down from the ceiling, stinging bugs and some other stuff. We had to leave because it scared our kids to death, to the point of making them cry. That really makes a parent feel good. When we were leaving there were several other children who had left. Be prepared.”

Tips and Trivia

  • The queue features bug inspired renditions of classic Broadway songs, including Beauty and the Bees and Tomorrow from “Antie.”
  • Andrew Stanton, the director of Wall-EFinding Nemo, and Disney’s John Carter, voices Hopper in this attraction.
  • This attraction can also be found at Disney California Adventure.