Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Reopens

Hang on to your hats, because this here’s the wildest news update in the wilderness. Memorial Day guests found that Magic Kingdom regained an iconic mountain yesterday. After being closed since early January this year for refurbishment, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad reopened to Disney World guests, complete with a few changes.

The queue area of Big Thunder Mountain has been completely redone. I read reports on Twitter that it looks like there’s room for some interactive elements to be installed in the future. Last year, Disney installed interactive elements to the Haunted Mansion queue in one night without having to shut down the ride during operating hours. I would not be surprised if Disney pulls a similar maneuver with Big Thunder’s line, especially as Disney World’s Next-Gen initiative continues to roll out in full force.

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As for the ride, I also read reports that, while the track layout is the same as it’s always been, Big Thunder feels notably smoother. The ride also received a fresh coat of paint, and cosmetic details like the geysers have been restored to their former glory.

If you’re visiting Walt Disney World, this is great news. The reopening of Big Thunder should really help out with large summer crowds just a few weeks away. Additionally, for many people, Big Thunder is a can’t-miss Disney World experience. Having it back will make a day at the Magic Kingdom feel more complete for them. If you’re visiting WDW for the first time, now you have the chance to experience it for yourself.

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