5 Mistakes Disney World First-Timers Make, And How To Avoid Them

James Grosch James Grosch | December 17, 2016

Disney World can be daunting to the first-time guest, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are five mistakes I often see WDW rookies make. When planning your first Disney World vacation, be sure to avoid these pitfalls.

19 Dishes We Can’t Wait to Try at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival

James Grosch James Grosch | September 14, 2016

Here are 10 returning favorites plus 9 intriguing new additions that we can’t wait to taste at the 2016 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

Best Free Things at Walt Disney World

James Grosch James Grosch | August 17, 2016

“The best things in life are free.” Believe it or not, that adage does apply to Disney World. Here is our most updated list of the best freebies at Walt Disney World.

11 Things You Should Always Pack for your Disney World Trip

James Grosch James Grosch | July 22, 2016

Be sure to make room in your suitcase for these Disney World essentials. Read on for our ultimate Disney World packing guide!

The Best Places to Sit on Disney World Rides – Disney World Minute (Video)

James Grosch James Grosch | May 23, 2016

In this video, I’m giving you the best places to sit on the most popular Disney World rides. Think all seats were created equal? Think again. From the mountains of the Magic Kingdom to the thrill rides of Sunset Boulevard, here are the best places to sit on WDW’s best rides.

The 10 Best Attractions for Kids at Disney World

James Grosch James Grosch | April 21, 2016

What are the best things to do at Disney World with a kid? I looked through every attraction at Disney World and compiled this list of attractions that are great for kids, based on approachability, character interaction, and fun. The best part? These are attractions that are great for both adults and kids to enjoy together.

Don’t Be Fooled: 5 Myths About Disney World

James Grosch James Grosch | April 1, 2016

Let’s set the record straight: Here are 5 Myths about Disney World that simply are not true.

Disney World’s 10 Best Rides

James Grosch James Grosch | March 30, 2016

The 10 greatest rides at Disney World’s four parks.

9 Things You Must Do Before Your Disney World Vacation

James Grosch James Grosch | January 2, 2016

Possibly the least fun part of going to Disney World is the time leading up to your vacation. The waiting, the planning, the research, the reservations: if you’re not a planner, it could be enough to make your eye start twitching. Isn’t this supposed to be fun? Well, planning a Disney World vacation can be Read More

The Best Places to Watch Magic Kingdom’s Fireworks… Other than Main Street

James Grosch James Grosch | August 8, 2014

Where to get a great view of the fireworks while avoiding the crowds.