June 1st is starting to become a dark day for Disney World fans. Exactly one year after Disney announced ticket price increases for WDW in 2012, the popular Orlando theme park is once again seeing a price increase for admission. One distinct difference is now Disney is differentiating its most popular park from the other three parks for the one day ticket. A one day, single park ticket to the Magic Kingdom will run you $95 for an adult, while the other three parks will cost $90. For 2-10 day tickets, there is no difference between parks, but this is the first time I can remember that Disney put a price difference between the theme parks in Walt Disney World. (If I am incorrect, please email me).

The increase takes effect tomorrow, June 2nd, so act quick to save some money on Walt Disney World tickets. Continue reading for a complete breakdown of the Disney World ticket price increases.


Ticket2012 Price (Old Price)2013 Price (New Price effective June 2nd)Difference
1 Day Magic Kingdom Ticket Adult$89$95$6 (6.7%)
1 Day Magic Kingdom Ticket Child$83$89$6 (7.2%)
1 Day Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom Ticket Adult$89$90$1 (1.1%)
1 Day Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom Ticket Child$83$84$1 (1.2%)
1 Day Park Hopper Adult$124$129$5 (4%)
1 Day Park Hopper Child$118$123$5 (1.2%)
2 Day Base Ticket Adult$176$184$8 (4.2%)
2 Day Base Ticket Child$164$172$8 (4.9%)
3 Day Base Ticket Adult$242$262$20 (8.3%)
3 Day Base Ticket Child$226$244$18 (7.9%)
4 Day Base Ticket Adult$256$279$23 (8.9%)
4 Day Base Ticket Child$239$260$21 (8.8%)
5 Day Base Ticket Adult$268$289$21 (7.8%)
5 Day Base Ticket Child$250$270$20 (8%)
6 Day Base Ticket Adult$278$299$21 (7.6%)
6 Day Base Ticket Child$260$280$20 (7.7%)
7 Day Base Ticket Adult$288$309$21 (7.2%)
7 Day Base Ticket Child$270$290$20 (7.4%)
8 Day Base Ticket Adult$298$319$21 (7.0%)
8 Day Base Ticket Child$280$300$20 (7.1%)
9 Day Base Ticket Adult$308$329$21 (6.8%)
9 Day Base Ticket Child$290$310$20 (6.8%)
10 Day Base Ticket Adult$318$339$21 (6.6%)
10 Day Base Ticket Child$300$320$20 (6.7%)
Annual Pass Adult$574$609$35 (6.1%)
Annual Pass Child$574$609$35 (6.1%)
Premium Annual Pass Adult$699$729$30 (4.3%)
Premium Annual Pass Child$699$729$30 (4.3%)
Premiere Annual Pass (Disney World and Disneyland)$849$979$130 (15%)


You can compare this year’s price hike to last year’s price hike by checking out our breakdown from last year. It should be noted that the prices for the base tickets are for a single park. Tickets can be upgraded to park hoppers for $59 for the 2-10 day tickets (price increase of $2). For more information, check out Disney World’s official site. Once again, these higher ticket prices take effect Sunday, June 2nd, so if you’re planning on buying Disney World tickets, act fast!

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