Earlier in the year, it seemed like almost every site I visited mentioned the mythical Cronut. This croissant/donut hybrid originated at the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York and quickly became a phenomenon. Dozens upon dozens of people would line up each morning and wait an insanely long time for a chance to try the innovative pastry. As the Cronut craze grew, many other bakeries across the country jumped in on the trend to varying success.

Disney World has recently joined the Cronut craze, premiering their Croissant Doughnut at Epcot. But is it any good? And is it worth the $4.50 they are asking for it?

Having followed everyone’s reaction to the Cronut online, I knew exactly what Disney was doing with the Croissant Doughnut as soon as I saw it on the menu at Promenade Refreshments in Epcot. Cronut has become a trademarked term by Dominique Ansel, so they couldn’t call it that. I’m glad they chose a straightforward name rather than something trying to be clever like a Dossaint or a Crossaintnut. Yes, it’s called the Croissant Doughnut, but if you order it as a “Cronut,” the cast members will know what you’re talking about.

$4.50 is a hefty price tag for a single donut, but the Croissant Doughnut is a hefty donut. You can easily share this with another person, or have it to yourself as a filling snack. In terms of volume, the price seems fair, but that doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t taste good.

The great news is that the Croissant Doughnut is simply delightful. Topped with cinnamon sugar, this treat is slightly crunchy on the outside and warm, soft, and flakey on the inside. Like the name says, it’s a Doughnut on the outside and a Croissant on the inside. The cinnamon sugar makes it slightly reminiscent of a churro, but the overall texture is much softer and the taste is much more buttery. I haven’t tried the original Cronut, so I’m not sure how this version compares. But it does stand on its own.

Epcot’s Croissant Donut was a big hit with my whole party. Some liked it more than others, but everyone agreed that it had a great taste. The other great part is that I never experienced a long line to try out this treat. The longest I waited was right before Illuminations, which is a very busy time at food stands all around the World Showcase.

So, is it worth it? Absolutely. The Croissant Doughnut is one of my favorite snacks in Disney World. I can’t guarantee that you will be as enamored with the treat as I am, but the Croissant Donut is definitely worth a try.

The Croissant Doughnut is available at Promenade Refreshments at Epcot’s World Showcase. This kiosk is adjacent to the Canada pavilion.

Have you tried the Croissant Doughnut? Do you like it? Hate it? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook, or email me at [email protected].

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