Last year, Disney quickly ended a preview of Habit Heroes, a new attraction promoting healthy living in Innoventions, due to a public outcry that the attraction was insensitive to those who are overweight. While the message of the attraction was positive, some found the characterizations of overweight characters to almost shame those who are fighting “the battle of the bulge.” After months of retooling, Habit Heroes reopened this year in Innoventions East, located right across from Sum of All Thrills. I was able to experience Habit Heroes on my most recent trip to Disney World, and here’s what I thought of Disney’s new attraction with a healthy message.


I was not expecting much from Habit Heroes after the preview version last year was such a dud. However, the redesign has taken this attraction from zero to hero. After the transformation, Heroes is now a sleek experience using Disney storytelling at its best to relay it thoughtful message. In the spirit of classic Epcot attractions, learning has never been more fun. Both kids and adults will appreciate the design of the attraction. It is a cool interactive walking videogame concept that takes guests on a mission to find bad habit villains in three video rooms that teach guests about hydration, fuel, and energy.

Entering the first room, Jin, the director of the Habit Heroes, instructs you to help our heroes combat three types of villains: Sappers, Scorchers, and Blocker Bots. Guests will then do some light calisthenics in order to defeat the villains.

After the quick work out, guests will have a blast in the next section. Room two features a fun interactive game where guests will battle villains by using blasters similar to those in Toy Story Mania. Aim your blaster at the giant video wall and pull the string to save the citizens of this high rise city. Your blaster will be color-coded so that you will work individually or with a partner defeating the villains of a similar color.

Entering the next room, you will be experience a video game across a 360 degree view. Using cards that have an RFID chip in them, you’ll scramble around the room to engage with machines that will zap the villains. And you will be scrambling! This is a really fun aspect of Habit Heroes, and quite the workout, as it will really get you moving.

After getting our pulses up in the last activity, we are given our final mission by Dirctor Jin. Guest are given a red, blue, or green wristband and a mission to continue throughout Epcot. These colors correlate with finding the word hydration, fuel, or energy hidden somewhere throughout the park. If you enjoy scavenger hunt activities like Agent P, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Tip: If you are in a large group, try to all the same color and have the same missions.

Tip: If time is tight on your touring Epcot, this part of the challenge can definitely be skipped or save for later time in the park.

All in all, I went into Habit Heroes with no expectations, but after experiencing the made-over attraction for myself, I really thought Disney did a great job. It has a great message presented in a fun, interactive way that will keep guests entertained and engaged. Great job Disney!

Tip: This is definitely a great activity to do in the heat of the day to get some cool air indoors.