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Live Stunt Show

Search Time 30 minutes

Great for All Ages

Open since August 25,1989

Location: Echo Lake,Disney's Hollywood Studios

Witness some of the most memorable scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark recreated in person with this live stunt show. Scenes include a street fight in Cairo, a fight surrounding an airplane, and the iconic giant boulder chase scene. Volunteers from the audience over the age of 18 are chosen to participate in one of the scenes. If you are a fan of Professor Jones and you’re at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you must check out this show. While the show may not warrant repeat visits if you’ve already seen it a few times, Indiana Jones Stunt spectacular is definitely worth checking out.

Tips and Trivia

  • Love Indy’s iconic fedora? There are merchandise stores located near the theatre, filled with Indiana Jones shirts, trinkets, and, yes, hats.