In a little over 2 months, Disney World fans will finally have a brand new immersive land to explore at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Pandora – The World of Avatar opens on May 27, and one of the biggest questions for the new expansion has been “What will the food be like?” Disney recently offered a sneak peek at the offerings at Satu’li Canteen, a fast-casual restaurant located inside Pandora, and we now have a better idea of what it will be like to dine amongst the Na’vi. Additionally, Satu’li Canteen will also fulfill some of the original potential of MyDisneyExperience by offering mobile ordering.

Keep reading to find out what you’ll be eating on your journey to Pandora.

A bit of setup: Satu’li Canteen was once a mess hall for the RDA (aka the military bad guys from the original Avatar movie). Now that this area is no longer under RDA control, it’s been peacefully converted into a “museum-like dining room.” Basically, instead of being a military compound, Satu’li Canteen celebrates the Na’vi culture.

Satu'li Canteen - Concept Art

Your dining options at Satu’li Canteen will be a bit more customizable than your typical quick service Disney World restaurant. Diners will get to mix and match a base, protein, and a topping. Basically, it’s like a Chipotle, but in space. Diners will get to choose a base of quinoa and vegetable salad; red and sweet potato hash; mixed whole-grain and rice; or romaine and kale salad. Next, pick a protein: wood-grilled chicken, slow-roasted beef, sustainable fish or chili-spiced fried tofu. Finally, top your creation with charred onion chimichurri, black bean vinaigrette or creamy herb dressing.

Additionally, guests will be able to order a “pod,” which is a bao bun and their choice of filling: cheeseburger or vegetable curry. Both are served with vegetable chips and slaw.

For little space explorers, there is a kids’ menu, featuring familiar flavors like a hot dog wrapped in dough, a cheese quesadilla, a cheeseburger bao pod, and more.

Looking at these options, there’s not a lot that screams “alien” in terms of flavor. Much of the flavor profiles match the Asian and African flavors that can be found throughout Animal Kingdom. It makes a lot of sense, as these flavors are still exotic for many American tourists, and creating something truly “alien” may be a bit too much for theme park guests. It does seem that Disney has nailed the otherworldly feel in the presentation, which is bright, colorful, and unique.

Beyond the customizability of the menu, another exciting option for Satu’li Canteen is that it is offering mobile ordering through the MyDisneyExperience app. Guests will be able to customize their order and pre-pay for their meal through the app, and then hit an “I’m here” button to let the staff know to start preparing the order. Guests will then be alerted when they can pick up their food. Disney says that mobile ordering will be coming to other fast casual and quick service dining locations throughout Walt Disney World later this year.

One thing for Disney resort guests to note: Satu’li Canteen will accept the Disney Dining plan, but mobile ordering is credit card only.