Disney releases many new Vinylmation series each year, and, while I do have a budding collection of Vinyls, there is one series that stands above the rest for me. Park Starz not only break the mold by not being Mickey-shaped like most Vinylmation, but they are dedicated to the best characters and attractions found inside Disney World and Disneyland. This is a great series to collect if you’re as big a fan of Disney World as I am.

Details on Park Starz 3, the newest Park Starz series, were just released by Disney today, so you can now find out when and where you can get these WDW collectables. Read on to find out exactly what is in this series, plus where you can find these characters inside Disney Parks.

Park Starz 3 will be released on June 6th at D-Street in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as DisneyStore.com. Blind boxes will be $18.95 each, or you can buy a tray of twelve for $227.40. Each figure comes in a really cool tin that some people even enjoy collecting. Annual Passholder discounts will apply to the D-Street locations. Variants will be released throughout the month in limited quantities, and will sell for around $25 per figure.

Park Starz 3 will feature 11 different characters and one mystery chaser. The 11 characters have been revealed, while the chaser is a mystery for the time being. Here’s a list of the characters, plus what attraction they’re from.

Dreamfinder (Journey Into Imagination)

Dreamfinder - Park Starz 3

Dreamfinder was part of the original Journey Into Imagination (my most missed Disney World attraction of yore). This jovial scientist created had enough scientific prowess to create Figment and a flying machine, but keeps it old school with his top hat and tails.

Mission:SPACE Astronaut (Mission: SPACE)


Mission Space Park Starz

Mission: SPACE doesn’t really have an iconic character, so much so that I didn’t know what attraction this was referring to until I look at Disney’s press release. Maybe it’s Gary Sinise under that suit.

Gary Sinise - Mission SPACE

Whoever it is, it doesn’t matter, because the design is fantastic. Futuristic in a way that’s somehow classic and timeless, which is the ideal that Future World should strive towards. This figure will also be sold separately as a variant in red.

Mission Space Variant

Sonny Eclipse (Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Magic Kingdom)

Sonny Eclipse - Park Starz 3

Sonny Eclipse - Disney World

The Original King of Soul…ar based puns is here, and I am not kidding when I tell you that this is my favorite figure in this series. You can almost smell the burgers and toppings bar just looking at him.

Ezra the Hitchhiking Ghost (Haunted Mansion)

Ezra - Park Starz

This is the second hitchiking ghost that Park Starz has released. Hopefully this means that you can complete the trio in Park Starz 4. The picture above is the clear variant that will be sold separately for 24.95. The one included in the main Park Starz 3 series is an opaque green (look at the picture of the tray at the top of the article for an idea).

Fun fact: his name is Ezra. I feel so bad for just calling him “the tall one” all these years.

Trixie (Country Bear Jamboree)

Trixie Variant - Country Bear Jamboree

Once again, the image above is the variant adorned with the ice skates and mistletoe from the Christmas Country Bears show, which will be sold separately with Big Al (from Park Starz 1) in a party hat. The pair will retail for just under $50. The regular Trixie will look mostly the same, except without the Christmas decorations.

Pig Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Pig Pirate

Another personal favorite, as the Pirate resting in mud with a pig is one of my favorite small details from Pirates of the Caribbean. The above picture is, again, of the variant, which will sell separately for 26.95. The regular Pig Pirate will be red and pink.

Barker Bird (Tiki Room)

Barker Bird - Park Starz

This is the bird that used to be located outside the original Tiki Room attraction at Disneyland, and the audio-animatronic that Walt Disney demonstrated on the Disneyland 10th Anniversary TV special. A fun piece of Disney history!

Irish Boy and Cactus (It’s a Small World)

It's a Small World Cactus - Park Starz 3

Disney has included dolls from Small World in Park Starz before, but the Cactus with a Guitar is my absolute favorite so far.

Turtle (Main Street Electrical Light Parade)

Turtle - Park Starz 3

You can see this turtle scoot down Main Street nightly at the Magic Kingdom.

Caveman (Spaceship Earth)

Spaceship Earth Caveman - Park Starz 3

The caveman from the beginning of Epcot’s iconic attraction.

Yeti (Matterhorn?)


The Yeti in Park Starz 1 (which I still need to get!) is from Expedition Everest, so by process of elimination, this guy should be the Matterhorn Yeti from Disneyland. This is the original Disney yeti. #yeti

So, that wraps it up. We still don’t know what the chaser is, but I’m holding out hope that they do something with the Big Thunder Mountain Goat with a stick of dynamite in his mouth. I know I’ll be getting this series, and I might even spring for the tray, as I pretty much love each figure that the Vinylmation artists have created.

Will you be grabbing one of these next week?

(Images Copyright Disney and Guide2WDW)