One of the things I love most about running Guide2WDW is answering your questions about Walt Disney World. I’ve been going to Disney World for as long as I can remember, so I love sharing my experiences to help you have the best possible WDW vacation.

Back during the beginning of this site (over 15 years ago!), my sister and mom would answer questions in a column called “Ask The Expert.” I was recently reminded of this when I got a great question in from the Guide2WDW Facebook Page. I figured that this information would be helpful to a lot of Guide2WDW readers, so I’m bringing back “Ask the Expert” with this Question of the Day (QotD). If you find this helpful, let me know, and please share some of your Disney World questions and queries so I can do this more often.

QotD: Are there buses between parks?

Today’s question of the day comes from Christina via Facebook. She asks: “Are there buses between parks? Like from Hollywood Studios to Animal Kingdom? Thanks!”

Thanks for the very relevant question, Christina. Unlike Disneyland, where you can walk from park to park, Walt Disney World is MASSIVE. If you are park hopping throughout the day, you’ll definitely need to take travel time into consideration. For guests traveling without a rental car, they will have to rely on Walt Disney World’s transportation to get from park to park and park to resort. Since you asked about getting from park to park, I’ll just focus on that for today.

So, are there buses between parks? Mostly. Buses do run between Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. However, if you want to get from Magic Kingdom to any of the other parks (and vice versa), you’ll need to make a stop at the Ticket and Transportation Center (the TTC). The monorail runs from Magic Kingdom to the TTC, where you can transfer to the monorail to Epcot or the buses to Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom. There is also a boat that runs between Hollywood Studios and Epcot that I personally love utilizing.

TTC - Walt Disney World

If you’re still wondering how to get from park to park just using Disney World’s free transportation, here’s a helpful “flow chart” of sorts.

Getting from Park to Park at Disney World

Magic Kingdom to Other Parks

  • Magic Kingdom to Epcot: Take monorail to TTC, transfer to Epcot monorail.
  • Magic Kingdom to Hollywood Studios: Take monorail to TTC, transfer to Hollywood Studios bus.
  • Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom: Take monorail to TTC, transfer to Animal Kingdom bus.

Epcot to Other Parks

  • Epcot to Magic Kingdom: Take monorail to TTC, transfer to Magic Kingdom monorail.
  • Epcot to Hollywood Studios: Take bus to Hollywood Studios. Alternatively, take boat to Hollywood Studios (located just outside the World Showcase entrance at the back the park between France and England).
  • Epcot to Animal Kingdom: Take bus to Animal Kingdom.

Hollywood Studios to Other Parks

  • Hollywood Studios to Magic Kingdom: Take Magic Kingdom bus – will drop you off at TTC, take Magic Kingdom monorail or ferry.
  • Hollywood Studios to Epcot: Take bus to Epcot. Alternatively, take boat to Epcot (located a short walk directly past front entrance of DHS).
  • Hollywood Studios to Animal Kingdom: Take bus to Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom to Other Parks

  • Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom: Take Magic Kingdom bus – will drop you off at TTC, take Magic Kingdom monorail or ferry.
  • Animal Kingdom to Epcot: Take Epcot bus.
  • Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios: Take Hollywood Studios bus.

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