Bad news coming out of Disney’s hotels and resorts. Due to a manufacturer’s defect, Disney has begun removing refrigerators from their hotels at Disney World, Disneyland, and Aulani in Hawaii. The only rooms that appear to be unaffected are Family Suites at Art of Animation and All Star Resorts, Suites at the Disneyland Hotel, DVC rooms, and the cabins at Fort Wilderness. Refrigerators are being removed as rooms become unoccupied. No specific reason was given as to what was wrong with these refrigerators.

Read on for tips on how to deal with this refrigerator recall.

It seems it will be months until the fridges are replaced. This is a massive problem, as many Disney World guests (myself included) rely on fridges to keep water bottles cold and food, milk, and medicine from spoiling. Disney has said they will try to accomidate guests who need refrigerators for health reasons when possible.

If you’re staying at a Disney World Resort soon, take this into consideration. If you absolutely need a fridge in your room, call ahead to your resort to confirm that you will be accomodated. If having a fridge isn’t as big of a deal, there are ways to work around it. Be sure not to plan on keeping food that must be refrigerated in your hotel room. Pack a cooler and use ice at the hotel to keep water bottles cold.

If you haven’t booked a hotel yet and a fridge is a must, now may be a good time to consider staying off property or at an All Star Vacation Home. At All Star Vacation Homes, they have full sized kitchens and fridges, so you can definitely keep a lot of food and water bottles stored. Check them out at

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