At the eastern end of the marketplace of Black Spire Outpost, you’ll see a giant podrace engine vibrating and rustling. If you stand near it, you can smell the aromas of alien meat roasting. Nearby, a droid endlessly rotates a rotisserie. This is Ronto Roasters, a quick service food stall in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Ronto Roasters has a much more limited menu than the nearby Docking Bay 7, only offering turkey jerky, non-alcoholic beverages and sodas, and the Ronto Wrap. 

What’s a Ronto Wrap? Basically, it’s a space hot dog. 

First of all, Ronto Roasters is one of my favorite spaces in all of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The podracing engine is massive, and I could spend a decent amount of time just watching the rotisserie droid. A brief Wookieepedia search let me know that his name is 8D-J8, the same  model as the torture droid from Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi. Ronto Roasters could be reductively described as a hot dog stand, but it is definitely the most intricate hot dog stand in this galaxy (sorry Award Weiners).

Ronto Roasters Menu - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge- Disneyland Dining- Guide2WDW

Ronto Roasters 8D-J8 Droid Star Wars Galaxy's Edge- Disneyland Dining- Guide2WDW

If you aren’t familiar, a Ronto is an alien that can be seen in the Special Edition of A New Hope throwing Jawas off of it in Mos Eisley. This isn’t necessarily important, unless you watched that scene and thought “What does that dinosaur-looking alien taste like?” It turns out, very much like pork, as a Ronto Wrap includes pork sausage, roasted pork, peppercorn sauce, and a tangy slaw, all served in a pita.

So, how is the Ronto Wrap? Really good, actually. The flavors work really well together, as the sausage has a nice kick, and the tangy slaw mellows everything out. It’s also one of the best executions of the alien food concept at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I’ve never had a sausage served in a pita, and the inclusion of roasted pork and slaw makes it even more unique. My one complaint would be that it’s a little sloppy, but the wraps are served in a cleverly designed wax paper wrapper that is sealed in the back, which makes it actually easy to eat while walking around.

Ronto Wrap - Ronto Roasters Star Wars Galaxy's Edge- Disneyland Dining- Guide2WDW

As it’s one of the only grab and go food items in all of Galaxy’s Edge, I’m really happy that the Ronto Wrap is a success in terms of flavor and execution. In the morning, they serve a breakfast version of the wrap, which I am eager to try. Unfortunately, there are no gluten-free or vegetarian-friendly versions of the wrap (or anything to eat in Ronto Roasters). This seems like a big oversight on the part of Disney.

Ronto Wrap Review - Disneyland Disney World Food

Did you try the Ronto Wrap yet? Let me know what you think!