New Fantasyland is finally complete! This week marked the official opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which has been heralded as the crown jewel of this years-long expansion of the Magic Kingdom. This roller coaster has been getting rave reviews from those who have been lucky enough to ride it. So, in the spirit of Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Bashful, and Doc, here are seven things you need to know about Disney World’s newest ride.

It is a “family coaster.”

Magic Kingdom is famous for its coasters being accessible while still providing an immersive thrill. Big Thunder Mountain was my first “big” roller coaster as a kid. With Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Disney’s trying to split the difference between the Barnstormer, which has one lift and one rollout, and Big Thunder Mountain, which has three lifts and three rollouts. Appropriately, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has two lifts and two rollouts.

The ride is intended to be great for the whole family to ride, but adreniline junkies should still look to Rock N Roller Coaster or Expedition Everest for the most intense thrills at Disney World.

Height Requirement: 38″ Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Mine Cart goes by

Once again, this is appropriately between Barnstormer (35″) and Big Thunder (40″). The question remains: Would the dwarfs be able to ride their own ride?

The carts swing side to side

One of the unique parts of the ride system for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is that the carts actually swing from side to side as the ride goes along. The actual effect is more subtle than it sounds, and the amount of swinging will depend on the weight distribution in the cart.

Part coaster – Part dark ride

What makes Seven Dwarfs Mine Train stand out from other coasters, and what might make it worth a trip to Disney World to check out, is the fact that it is part roller coaster and part dark ride. At a certain point in the ride, your mine train will slow down, enter the mines, and pass by the dwarfs as they work away. My favorite rides at Disney World and Disneyland manage to blend traditional dark ride storytelling with an element of thrill: Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Radiator Springs Racers, etc.

The animatronics are mind blowing

I’ve been impressed by what Walt Disney Imagineering has been doing lately with animatronics on rides such as Radiator Springs Racers or Under the Sea, but I am completely blown away by what they’ve accomplished in Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Through a collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studios, WDI has managed to make it feel like the dwarfs have actually come to life through these animatronics. Not only that, but they are beautifully animated. It really would have made Walt Disney proud to see how far animatronics have come by seeing his characters brought to life like this.

Use a Fastpass+ reservation

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has Fastpass+, which means you can reserve your ride time before you go into the park for minimal wait. Since this is Magic Kingdom’s newest attraction, lines are bound to be lengthy for the near future. Using a Fastpass+ reservation on this ride is definitely a good plan.

But the standby line has interactive games

So, if you didn’t manage to snag a Fastpass+, or you just want to keep riding after you used your Fastpass+, then you’ll have to wait in the standby line. While I am all about efficiently using Fastpasses, I think that it’s actually great to wait in a standby line sometimes, because WDI puts so much effort into the queues at Disney World.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train queue features two interactive games around sorting gems and washing gems. The gems have beautiful lighting effects, so it might be good to check this out at night when the effect is the best.

So, there it is, seven things you now know about the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Will you be checking out this ride on your next trip to Disney World?