On-ride photos have been a mainstay of theme parks for years, but Disney is taking the on-ride memento to the next level by offering guests a video showing their experience on the ride. Guests with a Magic Band and Memory Maker who go on Tower of Terror will get a video of their drop automatically added to their My Disney Experience account. From there, they can share the video with friends and family.

With this being Disney, there’s a bit more to the video than just the footage of the drop. It’s edited into a nice 30 second video that really captures the feeling of Tower of Terror. Plus, the footage is high quality and in slow motion, which is a nice dramatic touch. All in all, it’s a neat bonus for those with Memory Maker. It has not been announced if you’ll be able to purchase this video any other way than Memory Maker.

Disney hasn’t announced plans for any other attraction videos, but I doubt this will be the only one. It’s easy to imagine Splash Mountain, Test Track, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and many more attractions being perfect for an on-ride video.

In case you don’t know, Memory Maker is a photo package offered by Disney that allows you to download and keep all of your PhotoPass photos and attraction photos. My family purchased a Memory Maker package last year, and it was a very convenient experience. I think we ended up with more family photos from that trip than our previous 6 trips combined. I’m going to do a more in-depth write up on Memory Maker pretty soon, but we were happy with the purchase. At 199.00 or 149.00 with a 3 day waiting period, Memory Maker is not an add-on that I would use for every Disney World visit. But it’s a great, convenient package for a special occasion like a family reunion.

Since my visit, Disney has started to use long range RFID technology  and Magic Bands to automatically associate attraction pictures with your Memory Maker account. When you factor in the addition of a well produced attraction video, Disney is improving what guests are offered with Memory Maker.

What do you think of the Tower of Terror attraction video? What attractions do you hope start having on-ride videos? Let me know in the comments below.