Coffee addicts, rejoice! Starbucks has arrived at Main Street, USA in Magic Kingdom. The Main Street Bakery now features a lot more frappucinos and, unfortunately, a lot less seating. This marks the first in-theme park Starbucks location at Walt Disney World. Just one year ago, Starbucks opened its first location in the Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure. While some Disney World guests are happy to finally get a decent cup of coffee inside a WDW park, not everyone is pleased with Main Street’s newest addition. Find out more about the menu, the changes, and the controversy of the Starbucks at Magic Kingdom.

Want to know what you can order at Main Street’s Starbucks? Chances are you already know. The menu is going to be very familiar to anyone who has stepped inside a Starbucks (which is probably most people at this point). Almost anything you can get at your neighborhood Starbucks, you can get here.

What’s different? The old menu is mostly gone. The famous cinnamon roll, which has become a staple for many guests, has moved to Gaston’s Tavern, located in New Fantasyland. The decor is appropriately themed. Like the DCA location, Starbucks is using their original logo to brand the location. The only other location to do this is their original location in Seattle. While the logo was made in 1971, it has a classic look that somehow fits in Main Street, and Starbucks’ discipline with using the logo helps distinguish this as a “special” location. The seating in the bakery has been removed in favor of a second queue. I think in all of my trips to WDW, I’ve only sat in the Main Street Bakery a handful of times. The loss of seating is unfortunate, but if it can help cut down on lines, that seems like a valuable tradeoff.

This major change to Main Street has not been without its detractors. Many have expressed on Twitter and Facebook that a big corporation like Starbucks doesn’t belong on Main Street, and others are lamenting the end of the old menu.


While I can understand people being upset that their favorite breakfast item has been removed or relocated, I have to honestly say I don’t get the outrage. The quality of the coffee has gone up immeasurably, and two of the classic items are still available in the park. As for the argument of name brands ruining the purity of Main Street, Disneyland and Disney World have always had prominent relationships with other brands and sponsors. Coca Cola is prominently displayed on Main Street on both coasts, and Edy’s sponsors the Ice Cream Parlor at Magic Kingdom. Epcot wouldn’t have been made without big name sponsors. First and foremost, Disney World is a theme park that is meant to entertain and bring enjoyment to its guests. I would guess for most people, starting your day at the Magic Kingdom with a good cup of coffee would help enhance that enjoyment. If you disagree, please let me know.

I haven’t had a chance to check out this specific location for myself, but my experience with DCA’s Starbucks has been very good (the image above was taken at the DCA Starbucks). I’m a bit of a coffee addict, and while Starbucks doesn’t have the best coffee in the world, I still enjoy downing a venti coffee as I arrive at the park. This is worlds better than the Nescafe offered in other locations throughout Walt Disney World. The Starbucks branding doesn’t bother me, because it fits in with the theme.

My coffee advice for Walt Disney World still remains the same. If you’re just looking for a coffee fix while in the park, invest in some Starbucks Via packets. They’re way cheaper than buying coffee by the cup at Starbucks (a Costco pack of Via packets are $15 for 24 packets… normally, they run about $7 for an 8 pack), and they’re the best instant coffee I’ve had. Just get a free cup of hot water at any counter service restaurant, and you’re good to go. If you want something with a bit more frills, then this Starbucks is a good option.

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