Tip: Mountain strategy at Magic Kingdom.

Here’s a great tip for riding the 3 Mountains at Magic Kingdom! Get in line for the mountains later at night right before the fireworks start, so probably around 7:30 the lines will die down somewhat because of people eating dinner and getting ready for the fireworks. Leave Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain for the night and ride Space Mountain during the day. This is a good plan, because standing in line for Splash and Big Thunder can get HOT during the day where as Space Mountain has an indoor line which is air conditioned. This will pay off because there are no lines the Fireworks at night on any of the Mountains! So hit the smaller rides during the day, and save the mountains for later at night! This really does save on time and you get more rides out of it! Another perk: You can actually get some pretty cool views of Magic Kingdom’s fireworks from Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain if you get lucky with your timing.