When my sister Laura started Guide2WDW in 2000, it came from a desire to share her Disney World vacation experiences with others online. Back then, there were a lot fewer resources for not only finding out more information about Disney World, but figuring out the best ways to visit WDW. She was delighted when thousands of people came to the site, asking for advice and sharing their own expert tips and tricks. I remember my mom and sister, huddled over a computer answering emails, posting new tips, and calling up Disney to do research. This was way before Wikipedia.

A lot has changed since my sister created the site with Microsoft Page Maker on our dad’s laptop. Laura now has family of her own that she takes to Disney World, creating new memories with her young son. I moved across the country, and found a rekindled passion for the Disney parks by living within driving distance of Disneyland. Visiting Walt Disney World has become a different experience since 2000. Journey Into Imagination with Figment, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Mission:SPACE, Wishes, Expedition Everest, Soarin, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Toy Story Midway Mania,  all of New Fantasyland, MyMagic+, and Fastpass+ are just a few of the things that have debuted since Guide2WDW was first started.

And our site certainly has vastly changed in appearance.

But some things haven’t changed. My family still visits Disney World, and we still love it. After almost 15 years, Guide2WDW is still a place for people to come and learn more about Walt Disney World, find out tips for their vacation, and share their experiences with others.

With the arrival of MyMagic+ and Fastpass+, learning more about Disney World before you visit is more important than ever. For a first time visitor, it can be an intimidating experience to pre-book attractions and experiences that you might know little about. For those Disney World beginners, we’re here to help. We’ll let you know which attractions are worth booking, and which ones will have short lines without Fastpass+. Guide2WDW is a resource to help you figure out when to go, where to stay, what to eat, and which attractions to ride. Our goal is to help you go from feeling like a Disney World beginner to a Disney World expert.

But it goes beyond first-time visitors. I’ve visited Walt Disney World at least once a year for as long as I can remember. One of the things that I find astonishing is that there is still so much to learn about Disney World and Disney Parks history. Learning more about the parks has given me a new sense of appreciation, and it has actually greatly enhanced my enjoyment whenever I visit. I genuinely love taking my camera into the parks, exploring, and capturing the magic of Disney World, from the sweeping vistas to the tiny details. In that spirit, Guide2WDW is also a place for longtime Disney World visitors. We hope to help you discover those hidden gems that you haven’t uncovered yet, whether it’s an item at a restaurant you never tried or a walking tail off the beaten path that becomes your new favorite place to go.

If you’ve visited Guide2WDW before, you’ll instantly notice that the site looks very different. But the changes don’t stop there. We’ve worked hard to improve the content on each page, adding new photos, information, and more. On the technical end, we’ve completely changed our Content Management System, which means we’ll be able to post more updates than ever. And we want our readers to get more involved. Our updates now have comments, and it’s easier than ever to submit a Disney World tip to be featured on the site.  There are still a few features that we are going to roll out that will help you share your Disney World experiences, recommendations, stories, and more.

To all the Disney World beginners and experts who come to this site, welcome to the new Guide2WDW.