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Olszewski Lightbox - Turtle Talk with Crush

Tip: Head to the outlets for the best prices on pins, souvenirs, shirts and more!

There are two Disney Store outlets in the Orlando area that carry park merchandise. We've been…

Fantasmic- Mickey Mouse - Disney World

Tip: A trip to the dollar store can help brighten up your trip.

Guide2WDW reader Karen shares how spending $2 at a dollar store brightened up Fantasmic for herself…

Tip: Pack a suitcase full of snacks for your trip.

I have read several tips about sending packages to your hotel with snacks and other treats in the…

Tip: Save money on Southwest to Orlando.

If you are in an area that Southwest services, get their Ding! service from their website and sign…

Premiere Annual Pass

Tip: Take advantage of Annual Pass discounts when booking hotel rooms.

We booked a room at Wilderness Lodge for $197 per night with AAA discount. I then bought an Annual…

Tip: Check out Hess for cheap gas prices at WDW.

Believe it or not, the Hess gas stations on Disney property have cheap gas prices. The Chevron…

Tip: Buy glow sticks and other trinkets before you leave for vacation!

When it gets dark my kids always want the light/glow in the dark sticks, bracelets & necklaces.…

Tip: Save money by packing a lunch.

Arlen shares a tip for saving some money while dining in the parks: "We pack our lunch in the…

Tip: Be thorough and ask for a breakdown of costs for your trip.

Sometimes it really pays be thorough about your vacation. Beth writes, "Since I am obsessive in…

Lamb Chop - Be Our Guest - Walt Disney World-Dining

Tip: The Dining Plan can save you stress during your trip.

The Disney Dining Plan can save you a lot of hassle and planning while you're at Disney World.…

Polynesian - Disney World Resort

Tip: Call for special codes to upgrade your tickets.

Guide2WDW reader Blaine advises to always call before you book your trip: "I was just reading an…

Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom Attraction

Tip: Don’t forget about the Single Rider line!

If you are in a group with teenage children, definitely do the single rider lines. You will…

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