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Flame Tree Barbecue - Animal Kingdom Restaurant

Tip: Counter service restaurants will always give you a free cup of ice or water.

Whenever I have visited Walt Disney World (always in July/August), it has been extremely hot. To…

Premiere Annual Pass

Tip: Annual passes can save you money, and a lot of stress!

Sometimes it is worth it to get an Annual Pass, even if you are only visiting once in the year.…

Tip: It never hurts to ask!

I recently booked a 10 day trip to WDW for our July visit. I made reservations at the Caribbean…

Tip: Save money with a backpack.

Bring a backpack to the theme parks to carry extra water bottles and snacks. By buying them…

Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade!

Don't be afraid to ASK for something. We recently stayed three nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge but…

Tip: Where to go for groceries at Disney World?

The best grocery store to shop at in the WDW area is Publix - much better prices than Gooding's.…

Tip: AAA can save you money on your Disney World vacation.

We purchased our Disney World tickets with our AAA discount at the AAA office prior to our trip,…

Tip: Renting a car can give you extra freedom to explore Orlando.

We decided to rent a van during our trip. We didn't need it to get to the Disney parks, but thought…

Tip: Take a trip to the grocery store to stock up on the essentials.

We stayed on Disney property, so we did not need a car. We did book Murray Hill's Transportation…

Olszewski Lightbox - Turtle Talk with Crush

Tip: Head to the outlets for the best prices on pins, souvenirs, shirts and more!

There are two Disney Store outlets in the Orlando area that carry park merchandise. We've been…

Fantasmic- Mickey Mouse - Disney World

Tip: A trip to the dollar store can help brighten up your trip.

Guide2WDW reader Karen shares how spending $2 at a dollar store brightened up Fantasmic for herself…

Tip: Pack a suitcase full of snacks for your trip.

I have read several tips about sending packages to your hotel with snacks and other treats in the…

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Hi, I’m James. Since 1999, Guide2WDW has helped millions of families make the most of their trips to Disney World. This site was started by my family as a way of sharing our WDW knowledge gained over countless visits. Yes, we are those Disney nerds who visit every year and seem to know how to avoid all the lines, where to find the best food, and hidden secrets that can make for the best trip ever. We took the advice that we would typically give to our friends and family and turned it into a website so more people can find out how to make the most of their time at Disney World. You can read more about Guide2WDW’s story and mission here.

I grew up going to Disney World, which created some of my most cherished memories. Now as a new father, I’m discovering the joys of sharing those experiences with a new generation of Mickey Mouse fans.

A Disney World trip can be daunting for some people — the planning, the cost, the sheer amount of things to do can be overwhelming. A Disney World trip is a big expense in terms of time and money, so my goal is to help you feel like it’s time and money well spent. We have hundreds of Disney World tips shared by readers plus in-depth guides on systems like Genie+ and Lightning Lane.

If you’re planning your next Disney World trip, here’s where you should start.

The Holidays at Disney World

Everything to do at Disney World during the Christmas and winter holiday season.

Guide 2 Disney Genie

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