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Our Story

Hi, I’m James Grosch (pictured as a much smaller and more adorable human at Disney World in the 90s). Since 1999, Guide2WDW has been a compass guiding millions on their Disney journey, providing expert tips and advice to ensure an stress-free, enchanting experience. But it has very humble origins – it was started by my sister when she was in 9th grade, right after I discovered that we could use our dad’s computer to publish a website.

Making a website dedicated to sharing Disney World advice made sense, as a love for Disney vacations is runs in the family. We’re those self-proclaimed Disney nerds who visit every year, the ones who have the inside scoop on how to dodge the crowds, locate the tastiest treats, and unearth hidden gems that can elevate any trip from good to magical. Our extended family and friends turned to us to ask how to plan a trip or skip heavy lines, so my sister had the brilliant idea to turn all of our knowledge into a website.

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Everyone in my family pitched in – my mom calling up Disney to get information directly from the source, my dad helping with the technical aspects of building and running a website. I took over the site in 2009, and Guide2WDW remains a collection of everything we’ve learned over countless trips and hundreds of days inside the theme parks — plus the tips and advice shared by our readers over the years.

While these days I write most of the content on this site, I will usually write Guide2WDW’s voice in the plural. i.e. “We recommend this…” That’s because Guide2WDW has always been about our family experience and the knowledge we’ve learned from our community. This experience has turned us from more than just Disney enthusiast— we’re a dependable source of expert advice for friends, family, and now a community of tens of millions across the globe.


Guide2WDW is famous for its Disney World tips and tricks, covering what to do in each park, the resorts, and more.


Across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, our videos have been sharing WDW wisdom and fun to millions.


Our WDW guides dive deep into the nuances of a Disney vacation, such as Genie+, Advanced Dining Reservations, When to Visit Disney World, and more.

Our Mission

We understand the time, energy, and resources that go into planning the perfect Disney World vacation. Guide2WDW’s mission has always been to ensure that your investment yields moments of joy, wonder, and lifelong memories. A Disney vacation can seem complicated and even daunting. But even with the reservations, Genie+, and constantly changing systems, it’s still totally possible to have an amazing vacation at Disney World. It’s just been our experience that a few tips can go a long way in helping families make the most of their time at WDW.

Guide2WDW prides itself on being one of the longest-running online Disney World guides. Our site has hundreds of tips and dozens of written guides, and we’ve been recently expanding into video content. Our YouTube channel, Instagram Reels, and TikTok have helped millions more learn how to make the most of their time in the parks in new and fun ways. Our goal is to always be informative, entertaining, and bring a bit of that Disney magic to your home as you plan your next vacation.

Through the years, we’ve had the privilege of helping tens of millions of WDW guests plan and enjoy their dream Disney vacations. And we’re just getting started.