Yesterday, traditional meet and greets and hugs returned to Disney World. Today, Disney World takes another step back toward normalcy, as face masks are no longer required in their theme parks or resorts.

Previously, Disney World’s mask rules stated that guests needed to wear masks on enclosed transportation, such as the bus or monorail. Following the reversal of the Federal Mask Mandate yesterday in the United States, Disney World is no longer requiring guests to wear masks on transportation.

Transportation was the only situation that required masks at Disney World. All of the other mask rules recommended masks for unvaccinated guests indoors, but Disney did not enforce this recommendation in any way.

How does this change going to Disney World?

Effectively, masks were optional for all guests in almost every scenario, except for on transportation. This makes it so that guests no longer need to wear a mask anywhere at Disney World, including on transportation.

Do I need to pack a mask for Disney World?

This remains up to you. Masks are now fully optional pretty much everywhere in Florida, including at the airport, on Ubers, and at Disney World.

As we’ve seen, rules can change rather quickly. Guests who took a bus to Magic Kingdom today will ride back to their hotel with different rules in place. While it’s hard to imagine mask rules coming back at this point, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. It might be a good idea to have some masks as a backup, but that of course is up to you.

Can I still wear a mask to Disney World?

Masks are optional, meaning you can wear one if you want, or you can choose to not wear one if you want.

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