Looking for a free and easy way to plan your Disney World vacation? Guide2WDW is here for you! We have a Disney World Pocket Planner as a free PDF for our newsletter subscribers.

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Read on for more info about how our free planner can help you on your Disney World vacation.

Why use a planner for my Disney World vacation?

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Between picking which park to go to, which rides to go on, and what dining reservations to make, there are a lot of decisions that go into planning a Disney World vacation. It can be a bit overwhelming.

Our family loves to plan out each day with a general idea of what we’re doing. We pick a park (or two) for each day. We also choose a few must-do’s so we know which attractions to prioritize. We also try to line up our Advanced Dining Reservations with our Park Pass reservations.

Also, having a plan helps make sure that we balance how much we’re visiting each park.

I’m a big believer in not over-planning. We don’t want to feel overwhelmed by having an hour-by-hour itinerary. Plus, a Disney World vacation is just not predictable enough to plan to that degree. In general, I recommend that people have a general plan with big pillars (which park, a few must-do rides, and your dining reservations), and leave some room for spontaneity.

How to use Guide2WDW’s Pocket Planner

Guide2WDW's Pocket Planner

For our free pocket planner, I wanted to create a tool that could help organize the big decisions that go into a Disney World vacation.

  • For each day, write which parks you want to go to in the first column. There’s a Park Pass reservation checkbox as a reminder to make your reservation for the first park of the day.
  • In the second column, I included 3 bullet points for must-do’s. These are the rides or attractions that you really want to get done that day.This can help you prioritize your Lightning Lane selections or pick which ride to rope drop. Of course, you can write more if you want.
  • For meals, I included a row for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you have an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) for a certain meal, you can include the time next to it. Of course, you don’t have to only include sit-down meals here. Sometimes we plan on eating breakfast in our hotel room, so we’d just write “Hotel” in the breakfast row.

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