You’re taking your toddler to Disney World. The good news is that you have a vacation full of magical memories and adorable moments ahead of you. But there is a bit of bad news: the packing situation. What should you pack for taking your toddler to Disney World? Well, of course, you’ll need a stroller. But maybe also a carrier. Don’t forget wipes. Oh, and hand sanitizing wipes too. Also, a third kind of wipes just for their nose. Wait, where is their pacifier? Did we not pack those?!

As a dad of a Disney-loving toddler named Griffin, I know the struggles of packing for a little one all too well. Somehow, having one tiny human with you means you suddenly need to pack the same amount of luggage as on an entire NBA team bus. Figuring out all the items you need to make a vacation go smoothly can feel like a daunting task. I’ve definitely been there: Trying to play Luggage Tetris to fit all of our bags in the back of our SUV, or pushing a wobbling suitcase cart through the Orlando Airport saying to myself through gritted teeth, “This is for us to have fun.”

But all the packing pain is worth it for those Disney memories. I’ve been a Disney World fan for as long as I can remember, and becoming a parent has truly transformed the way I experience the parks. I have the incredible opportunity to make new memories with my son, and every trip is now filled with new discoveries, as I see the wonder of WDW through my son’s eyes. As a result, I’ve learned a lot about navigating the parks with a toddler in tow, from making the most of our time to ensuring my little one stays comfortable and happy.

Traveling with a young child can be both challenging and rewarding. But our goal at Guide2WDW is to help you deal with the challenges and focus more on the rewards. That’s why I’ve put together this comprehensive Disney World Toddler Packing Guide – updated for 2023. It’s packed with over 50 recommended items plus essential tips to help you make the most of your Disney adventure with your 1-3 year old.

Disney World with a Toddler - Space 220

I’ve spent hours researching the best items to bring to Disney World to make the trip amazing for my toddler and as stress-free as possible for myself. This guide is the result of a lot of great advice that I received from friends and family, recommended items from blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos, and my own years of experience taking my son, nieces, and nephews to Disney World. I’ve distilled all of this research and experience into one place so other parents can have a head start when it comes to bringing their toddler to Disney World.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Disney World pro, this guide will help you plan and prepare for a magical, stress-free vacation with your toddler. Read on to discover our top picks for must-have items, as well as handy tips and tricks for making your toddler’s trip truly terrific.

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Table of Contents

Are We There Yet? Items for the Plane and Car Ride.

Endless books have been written about how to manage the actual trip to your destination with your toddler. Whether you’re flying or driving, you’ll want to keep your little ones entertained and comfortable during the journey to Disney World.

I’ve taken my young son on both cross-country flights and on 10-hour long car trips, and my strategy is survival through constant entertainment.

Have a supply of snacks, activities, toys, books, and a tablet, and make sure they are all handy during the trip. These are items that we’ll include later in the packing list, but here are a few items that I found extremely useful specifically for the ride on the plane or in the car.

Air Travel with a Toddler

Toddler Plane Travel to Disney WorldInflatable Kids Airplane Bed: On our cross country trip with our son when he was 1, we got this inflatable footrest cushion to place below his seat. It worked amazingly well! This turns his seat into a bed / tiny play area. Being able to get our son to nap on the plane, even just for part of the flight, let us relax and made the journey much more comfortable.

Inflatable Airplane Bed

Inflatable Airplane Bed


An essential item for air travel to Disney World. Fill the gap between two seats with this travel pillow to extend the seat length. The extra surface can allow childrens to lay down flat or lift their leg up for better sleep, or be a platform for kids to play toys and relax.

Buy from Amazon

Car Seat Travel Case: Whether you want to check it or drop it off at the gate, airlines will typically let you bring a car seat for free. When we flew with our son, we opted for checking our car seat so that we didn’t have to get one from the car rental company. Having a familiar seat that we knew how to install gave us extra piece of mind. I did a lot of research trying to find the right travel case for my large car seat. I recommend this Chicco car seat case has roller wheels, so it basically turns your car seat into another piece of luggage. This helps you get it through the airport, and it protects your car seat along the journey.

Chicco Car Seat Travel Bag

Chicco Car Seat Travel Bag


A durable, high quality 4-wheel spinner car seat travel case that can accommodate a large car seat of any brand. This includes backpack straps so you can wear the case and navigate the airport more easily.

Buy from Amazon

Car Travel with a Toddler

Toddler Car Travel to Disney World

Car Tablet Holder: When we were looking into buying a family car, we thought that we definitely needed a in-car entertainment system to keep our kids entertained in the backseat on road trips. However, we weren’t able to find a car in-stock with that specific trim. And it cost $1500 just to put that screen in the backseat, plus any extra cost to upgrade to a better trim! Instead, here’s a much better and more affordable solution. I got this adjustable tablet holder off of Amazon. It clamps onto the headrest of the seat, and it can hold tablets of various sizes. I then loaded an old iPad with a ton of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes, Ms. Rachel YouTube videos, and other entertainment that my son likes. This works great, and I literally saved thousands of dollars by going this route.

iPad Mount for Car Ride - Toddler Packing Guide

Lamicall Car Tablet Headrest Holder


A game changer for the car ride to Disney World: Mount a tablet on the headrest. This flexible mount can fit anything from an iPhone 14 Pro Max to an iPad Mini to a 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

Buy from Amazon

Backseat Organizer: During a long road trip, it can be really hard to find the exact item you need to keep your little one happy. It might be a snack or a book or a toy. This organizer helps us keep our car looking tidy, while making it easy to find the items you need.

Backseat Organizer - Toddler Packing Guide

FoxBox Easy-to-Reach Kids Car Organizer


A sturdy backseat organizer, perfect for toys, activity books, snacks, and other items for the car ride to Disney.

Buy from Amazon

Car Trash Can: Ok, this item is completely optional, but extremely handy. Between apple sauce pouches and figgy bar wrappers, a toddler can generate a lot of trash. Keep your car from becoming a trash can by getting a little trash can for your car. As someone who likes to keep his car clean, this has been one of my favorite purchases..

Car Trash Can - Disney World Car Trip Essentials

Vankor Car Trash Can


Keep your car clean during the trip to Disney with this small car trash can.

Buy from Amazon

Must-Pack Basics for Bringing Toddlers to Disney World

Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet at Magic Kingdom with No WaitDiaper Bag / Backpack: You’ll need a bag to place a day’s worth of diapers, snacks, and other supplies when you go into the park. We’ve used both a dedicated diaper bag in the past and a regular backpack, and both work well.

Favorite Comfort Items: Bring along your child’s favorite stuffed animal, blanket, pacifier, or any other item that brings them comfort and helps them feel secure in new environments. You don’t need to bring all of these into the parks, but having them in your hotel room and along for the travel journey can make a big difference.

Ziploc Bags: Ziploc bags are incredibly useful for anyone, but especially parents bringing their toddlers to Disney World. You can use a Ziploc bag to store food, a change of clothes, wet clothes, diapers, and more. This will help keep your bag organized and make sure that critical items stay dry.

Ziploc Bags - Disney World Essentials

Ziploc Storage Bags – Quart Size


These Ziploc bags are the perfect size for packing snacks or for keeping your phone and wallet dry while you ride Kali River Rapids or Splash Mountain.

Buy from Amazon

Ziploc Bags - Disney World Essentials

Ziploc Storage Bags – Gallon Size


The gallon size Ziploc bag is ideal for packing a dry change of clothes for the kids, or storing their wet clothes after they've played around in the Splash Zone. This is also great for storing wet ponchos once they've been used.

Buy from Amazon

You see me strollin’: Strollers, carriers, and accessories for WDW

Disney World Strollers

What about navigating the Disney World theme parks? You are going to need a way to get your toddler around. Even if they are walking, their tiny legs won’t be able to manage the miles of walking a typical Disney day requires. Here are all the items we recommend to help you and your toddler get around Disney World.

A Stroller: You’ll definitely want to have a stroller at Disney World. You’ll have to decide whether you bring your own stroller or rent a stroller from Disney or a third party company. If you bring your own stroller, you’ll save some money. However, renting a stroller can provide convenience, and it will save you space. Keep in mind that airlines will let you gate-check your stroller for free

We cover the topic of renting a stroller vs. bringing your own stroller in our Disney World stroller guide. However, here are a few of the options we recommend.

Recommended Strollers for Disney World:

Recommended Stroller Rental: Kingdom Strollers. A local Orlando business, Kingdom Strollers offers our recommended strollers from Baby Jogger and sporty options from Bob. Price for a single stroller starts at $75 for 4-7 nights. Kingdom Strollers also has parents of toddlers covered with cribs and inflatable toddler beds also available for rental. Rentals include rain covers, cooler bags, and parent consoles.

Stroller Accessories: No matter what stroller you bring, you’ll want some of these accessories. If you are renting from a company like Kingdom Strollers, some of these will be included or available as an add-on.

Parent Console: Give yourself an easy place to put your water bottle, coffee, or other items.

Rain Cover: Don’t make the same mistake I made on our first Disney trip with our son. Disney does not sell rain covers, and we ended up with a soggy stroller for days thanks to an unexpected rainstorm. This universal stroller rain cover is an essential item for any vacation now.

Stroller Rain Cover - Disney World Toddler Packing Essentials

Bemece Universal Stroller Rain Cover


This is the #1 Best Selling stroller rain cover on Amazon. It keeps both your stroller and baby dry, while providing them a view of the outside world while you navigate Disney in the rain.

Buy from Amazon

Clip-on fan: Especially during summer months, it can get extremely hot in Orlando. A clip on stroller fan can help keep your little one cool as you go from ride to ride.

Stroller Fan

WiHoo Mini Handheld Stroller Fan


This handheld fan is rechargeable via USB-C and has a flexible tripod that can be attached to a stroller.

Buy from Amazon

Stroller identifier: Here’s a tip for Disney World parents: WDW Cast Members will move your stroller from where you parked it from time to time. Whether that’s for efficiency or just to keep parents on their toes is up for debate. So don’t lose your stroller in a sea of black and gray with a stroller identifier. If you want a high-tech solution, Apple AirTags work really well for tracking your stroller.

Mickey Mouse Luggage Tag

Mickey Mouse Leather Luggage Tag – Personalizable


Take along the one and only Mickey Mouse on your travels with this luggage tag. Crafted from genuine leather, this tag features Mickey framed in a regal filagree pattern. You can even personalize it with your name!

Buy from shopDisney

Minnie Mouse Luggage Tag

Minnie Mouse Leather Luggage Tag – Personalizable


Take Minnie Mouse on your travels with this luggage tag. Crafted from genuine leather, this tag features Minnie framed in a golden filigree pattern. You can even personalize it with your name!

Buy from shopDisney

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag


Easily track your book bag, stroller, or luggage while visiting Disney World! Apple AirTags use your iPhone’s Find My app and Ultra Wideband technology to be able to precisely lead you to the items you need to keep track of most. Never waste time looking through the sea of strollers at Disney again! (iPhone only)

Buy from Amazon

AirTag Holder

Belkin AirTag Case with Strap


Attach your AirTag to your stroller or luggage with this Belkin AirTag case that comes in a variety of colors.

Buy from Amazon

A Carrier: When Griffin was 1, we used a carrier a lot at Disney. By the time he was two, we used it much less. I personally think a carrier is a great option if you are visiting with a baby or a smaller toddler who isn’t as experienced at walking. A comfortable carrier gives your baby or toddler a much better view of the parks, and you can wear your child on certain rides like It’s A Small World if you are front-carrying them.

Lillebaby Ergonomic Baby Carrier

LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons Ergonomic 6-in-1 Baby Carrier


Our preferred baby and toddler carrier for going to Disney World and Disneyland. It’s lightweight, breathable, and supports babies and toddlers between 7 and 45 pounds. This carrier is extremely adjustable, with 6 different carrying positions, including front, back, and side.

Buy from Amazon

Hollywood Studios - Disney World with a Toddler Guide

A Leash: This pick might be a bit controversial, but a leash can help your little one have more freedom to explore – safely.

Toddler Leash from Amazon

2 in 1 Baby Leash


The toddler harness / leash we used at Disneyland is this one from Amazon, and it worked great. Easy to stuff in a bag or under the stroller when not in use, and it has some nice safety features like being able to lock the clips. This actually gave our toddler freedom to roam around and helped us spend less time chasing him.

Buy from Amazon

Feeding Frenzy: Mealtime Must-Haves for Toddlers

Disney Parks Placemat - Disney Toddler Packing Guide

Avoid hangriness and keep your toddler fed and happy at Disney World with these essential items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

No-spill Sippy Cups or Water Bottles: Keep your little ones hydrated without the mess by packing no-spill sippy cups or water bottles, ensuring drinks stay contained and accessible throughout the day. We love these Munchkin 360 cups for toddlers, because they feel like magic. They’re easy for your toddler to drink from, but won’t spill, even if you flip them upside down.

Munchkin 360 Toddler Cups

Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup


A great option for toddler travel cups that's also very useful at home. This set of two 7 ounce toddler cups has 360 degree drinking edge eliminates spills completely, and the cup automatically seals when you are done drinking.

Buy from Amazon

Placemats: Make mealtime with your toddler stress-free with disposable or reusable placemats, creating a clean eating surface at restaurants and allowing for easy clean-up when finished.

Mickey Mouse Placemat

Disney Mickey Mouse Table Topper Disposable Stick-on Placemats in Reusable Package, 18 Count


If you want to keep your toddler’s table clean and don’t mind going the disposable route, Disney makes some adorable Mickey Mouse stick-on placemats. The placemat even includes a fun “Find the Colors” activity.

Buy from Amazon

Munchkin Silicone Placemat

Munchkin Silicone Placemats for Kids, 2 Pack, Blue/Purple


f you want some reusable travel placemats for feeding your toddler at Disney, you can’t go wrong with these silicone mats from Munchkin. It’s one of our favorite brands for baby gear, and these placemats can be easily rolled up and placed in your bag.

Buy from Amazon

High chair cover: For maximum cleanliness and peace of mind, a high chair cover helps you make sure your child is sitting in a clean surface. The one downside is that a high-chair cover can be a bit bulky and takes up valuable room in your suitcase or under your stroller. As an alternative, pack some sanitizing wipes (listed below) and opt to wipe down the high chairs before placing your toddler in it.

Sussie Highchair Cover

Suessie High Chair Cover


We use this awesome high chair cover at Disney and at restaurants to keep our son from touching dirty surfaces. It also fits in shopping carts, as a nice bonus. It includes a sippy cup strap, see-through smartphone pocket, and several colorful designs, ranging from dinosaurs to unicorns.

Buy from Amazon

Reusable utensils: Bring reusable utensils for your toddler to reduce waste and ensure they have familiar, easy-to-use cutlery during meals.

Utensils for Toddlers - Disney World Toddler Packing Guide

OXO Tot On-The-Go Fork And Spoon Set


This high-quality utensil set by OXO Tot is ideal for mealtime at the parks for your toddler.

Buy from Amazon

Snacks: Keep hunger at bay by packing plenty of snacks. We love to pack convenient food pouches filled with applesauce or veggie purees, which are perfect for busting out while waiting in line.

Snack containers: For non-pouch-based food like Goldfish or pretzels, you’ll want snack containers or cups. These are also great on car rides or plane rides.

Munchkin Snack Cups - Toddler Packing Guide

Munchkin Snack Catcher – 2 Pack


Keep snacks like Goldfish, Cheerios, and pretzels contained with this spill proof container. This is great for toddlers, as they can feed themselves in their stroller.

Buy from Amazon

Dish Soap: So far, I’ve included a lot of reusable items on this list. Remember to bring a small bottle of dish soap, so you can clean your bottles, sippy cups, and utensils each night of your vacation.

Bib or Smock: Protect your toddler’s cute Disney outfits with a bib or smock for mealtime.

Mickey Mouse Toddler Bib

Bumkins Mickey Mouse Toddler Bib/Smock


Stay in the Disney spirit and prevent messes with this Mickey bib. For ages 1-3 years.

Buy from Amazon

Travel High Chair: This is an optional item, but a small portable high chair can be really helpful for mealtime in your hotel. We got this collapsable camp-style chair with a tray, and it’s been extremely handy both on vacation and at home. I wouldn’t pack this if I was flying, but on a road trip, it’s small enough to easily fit in our trunk.

Travel Booster Seat for Toddlers

hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat with Tray


This foldable seat is a great option for a travel booster seat or high-chair while traveling with a toddler.

Buy from Amazon

Disney Diaper Duty: Changing Essentials

Baby Changing Station Sign at Disney World - Space 220

Stay prepared for diaper changes while exploring the parks.

Diapers: Be prepared for diaper duty by packing enough diapers to last the day, plus a few extra for emergencies. I actually forgot diapers one time, but luckily I was able to handle the situation at a Baby Center.

Wipes: Not only great for diaper changes, but wipes can help with sticky fingers or unexpected messes.

Diaper Cream / Spray: Be ready in case diaper rash makes a surprise appearance during your WDW trip.

Changing Pad: A compact changing pad can make using those baby changing stations inside the bathrooms feel way less unsanitary. Plus, you can easily store diapers and wipes in here. We keep this changing pad clipped onto our stroller, and it has been hugely helpful while visiting Disney with our son.

Portable Changing Pad - Disney World for Toddlers

Skip Hop Portable Changing Pad


A convenient, foldable clutch-style changing pad that can be easily stored in a diaper bag or clipped to a stroller. Includes storage pouches for diapers and wipes.

Buy from Amazon

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out: Sun Protection for Your Toddler

Toddler at Typhoon Lagoon - Disney World

When the heat is on, keep your toddler cool with the following items.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is an essential item to pack at Disney World, but it’s even more important for the sensitive skin of toddlers. Our go-to sunscreen strategy is to lather up in the morning with a bottle, and then use pack a small sunscreen stick in our bag for easy reapplications.

Aveeno Sunscreen Stick

Aveeno Kids Continuous Protection – 50 SPF Sunscreen Stick


Another great sunscreen option from Aveeno for kids. We love to have a sunscreen stick since it's very convenient to put in a day pack or diaper bag for easy reapplications while you're in the park.

Buy from Amazon

Aveeno Kids Sunscreen

Aveeno Kids Continuous Protection Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen – SPF 50


A highly-reviewed kids' sunscreen. Aveeno is one of my favorite brands to turn to for my son, who has sensitive skin. This 3 oz bottle is a great size for travel.

Buy from Amazon

Frogg Togg: A cooling towel feels miraculous on a hot summer day in Orlando. Griffin loved having a small Frogg Togg to help keep him cool while riding in his stroller.

Frogg Togg Chilly Pad - Disney World Packing Essential

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad


Want to beat the heat at Disney World? Do yourself a favor and buy a Frogg Togg Chilly Pad immediately. These amazing towels feel like some sort of magic trick: rinse with water, wring out, and they stay up to 30 degrees cooler than the outside air while feeling dry to the touch. I’ve used a Frogg Togg Chilly Pad while training for a RunDisney half-marathon during a heatwave in Los Angeles, and my runs were so much more comfortable with this around my neck. My family never goes to Orlando without a Frogg Togg, and neither should you.

Buy from Amazon

Wide-brimmed hat: If your toddler will keep a hat on their head (mine won’t), a wide-brimmed hat can help keep the sun out of their face and eyes.
Sunglasses: Same note as with the hat. Griffin won’t keep sunglasses on his face for longer than 4.7 seconds, but if your toddler does, sunglasses could be a great item to include in your bag.

Toddler Threads – What to Wear at WDW

Buzz Lightyear - Toddler Disney World Guide

Here’s a list of outfits (and backup outfits) that will help your little one stay comfortable while dressing in some Disney fun.

Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing: Dress your toddler in breathable, comfortable clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Don’t forget to pack a light jacket for cooler evenings.

Shoes and Socks: Make sure these are comfortable for your toddler to walk in. Disney World can be really exciting, and they’ll want to run around as much as they can!

Disney shirts: Embrace the Disney magic by packing themed shirts for your little one. These shirts not only make for adorable photos, but they also help boost your child’s excitement. I’m personally a big advocate for matching shirts to get everyone in on the fun.

Extra outfits: Accidents happen, so pack a few extra sets of clothes for your toddler.

A Costume: Letting your toddler dress up as their favorite character can bring your Disney World day to the next level. I dressed Griffin up as an Ewok and let him roam around Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and it’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever witnessed.

One change up outfit: Always pack an outfit for unexpected weather changes, ensuring your toddler stays comfortable and protected, even if the forecast proves inaccurate.

A rain jacket: Disney World does not sell a poncho that is an appropriate size for a toddler. Instead, opt for a rain jacket that will fit well.

Toddler Rain Jacket

Simple Joys by Carter’s Toddler Boys’ Puffer Jacket


The rain jacket we should have packed for our Disneyland trip. We love Carter’s. Pretty much everything we buy from them is reasonably priced and really nice quality.

Buy from Amazon

Toddler Rain Coat Pink

Simple Joys by Carter’s Toddler Girls’ Puffer Jacket


A pink version of the Carter’s raincoat we recommend.

Buy from Amazon

Splash Magic – Toddler Swim Gear

Disney’s Riviera Resort - Pool Splash Pad
Disney World’s Resorts have amazing amenities, like this Fantasia-themed splash zone at the Riviera Resort.

Between splash zones in the parks, the fantastic pools at Disney World resorts, and the two water parks with toddler-friendly zones, bringing some swim gear to Disney World is a must if the weather permits.

Swimsuit: Pack at least one swimsuit for your toddler.

Swim shirt with UPF Protection: A UPF swim shirt can be extremely helpful for those situations where your toddler wants to go play in the water now and doesn’t have the patience to wait for you to apply a full coat of sunscreen on their torso.

Mickey Mouse Toddler Swim Set

Disney Mickey Mouse Rash Guard and Swim Trunks Outfit Set Infant to Toddler


This official Disney Mickey Mouse swim set includes a shirt and trunks with UPF 50+ material.

Buy from Amazon

Minnie Mouse Swim Set

Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Girls Rash Guard and Swim Shorts Set Toddler to Little Kid


This UPF 50+ swim set features Minnie Mouse and a bright pink tie-die design.

Buy from Amazon

Swim diapers: A swim diaper is crucial at both splash pads and swimming pools. We like having a reusable swim diaper, which is both eco-friendly and space saving.

Swim Diapers - Disney World Toddler Packing Guide

ALVABABY Swim Diapers


These are the swim diapers we use with our son at Disney World. This worked great for quickly changing him for the resort pool, Typhoon Lagoon, and splash pads. They are washable and reusable, so you only need to pack one or two for your trip, which is a big space saver.

Buy from Amazon

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (But Please For the Love of Mickey Stay Asleep) – Must-pack Items for nap time & bedtime

Swan Reserve - Toddler Crib - Disney World

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for a great Disney World vacation – for both you and your toddler. Here are some items that can help at both nap time and bedtime.

Sleep Supplies: You’ll want to pack a small blanket, travel pillow (if your toddler is old enough), and a nighttime lovie. Our son has an entire roster of nighttime friends, so we let him pick one or two to take along on vacation.

Nightlight / Sound Machine: Using a sound machine has been a key factor in our son’s amazing sleep since he was around 5-6 months old. Maintaining a consistent routine, even when traveling, is important. Bringing the sound machine from home adds an element of consistency to your hotel room. If your child already uses one, pack it for your trip. If not, consider bringing one to minimize unexpected hotel noises that might disturb your toddler’s sleep. We love the Hatch, which acts as both a customizable nightlight and sound machine.

Hatch Sound Machine - Disney Toddler Packing Essentials

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine


The sound machine we use (and love) is the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine. It has several different noises and songs, plus a night light, and it is all controllable from your phone. It’s easy to fit in a suitcase, and it makes for a great addition to our hotel room when we visit Disney World or Disneyland.

Buy from Amazon

Travel Crib: Disney hotels and some third-party hotels usually offer cribs upon request for families traveling with young children. However, if you’re planning to stay at an Airbnb or vacation home, it’s important to note that these accommodations might not provide cribs. In such cases, bringing a travel crib like a Pack ‘n Play can be essential to ensure your little one has a safe and comfortable sleeping space. It’s always best to check with your host or the vacation rental company beforehand to determine if a crib is available, and if not, be prepared to pack a travel crib for your Disney adventure.

Pack N Play

Graco Pack ‘n Play Portable Playard


The Graco Pack 'n Play is the travel crib that we use for our son whenever we are staying somewhere without a crib available.

Buy from Amazon

Breathable crib cover: Our son sleeps much better in a completely dark room, and my wife and I use this breathable cover to help out when we travel. This thin mesh crib cover works as a shade, and it perfectly fits over a Pack and Play. It worked well enough with the crib at the Disney hotel. It allowed us to not have to keep the entire room in darkness during nap time, and we were even able to get our bags packed with some lights on while he slept in his crib. My overprotective dad brain was definitely skeptical about how breathable this really was, but I was able to put my face against it and breathe easily. However, just to be extra cautious, we opened up one of the zippable side windows whenever we used it on our son’s crib.

Pack and Play Crib Cover

Dofilachy Pack N Play Crib Canopy Cover


This breathable travel crib cover will help if your child is sensitive to light while you’re traveling. The cover has zipable windows and breathable polyester mesh. It fits over a Pack and Play or small crib like the ones they give you at a Disney hotel easily.

Buy from Amazon

Happy and Hygienic: Health Items for Your Little One

Toddler at Disney World

First aid kit: A well-stocked first aid kit is essential for addressing minor cuts, scrapes, and injuries that may occur during your Disney vacation, ensuring your family can quickly get back to the fun.

Neosporin - Disney World Essentials

Neosporin + Pain Relief Neo to Go!


Neosporin can help prevent a cut or scrape from getting infected. A good-to-have in case a rogue stroller scrapes your heels (Speaking from experience, this is a constant possibility at Disney World).

Buy from Amazon

Children’s Tylenol and/or Motrin: It’s always a good idea to have a fever reducer on hand in case your toddler catches a bug while on vacation. However, always consult a medical professional about appropriate medicine usage and dosage for your child.

Hand sanitizer: As you can see in the picture above, toddlers touch EVERYTHING. Packing hand sanitizer is crucial for any Disney World trip, but especially with toddlers.

Boogie Hand Sanitizing Spray

Boogie Hand Sanitizer Spray


This 3-pack hand sanitizer spray is made with aloe and sunflower seed oil, making it a nice gentle option for toddlers and kids.

Buy from Amazon

Hand sanitizing wipes: These wipes are perfect for quickly cleaning hands, surfaces, or items that may have come into contact with germs, keeping your family healthy and safe during your Disney adventure.

Boogie Hand Wipes

Boogie Antibacterial Wipes


Includes 5 packs of 20 wipes each, these antibacterial wipes can be used to clean surfaces or your child's hands and face. They are alcohol free, hypoallergenic, and easy to fit in a day pack or diaper bag.

Buy from Amazon

Boogie Wipes/Saline Spray: If your little one gets a cold on vacation, Boogie Wipes and saline spray can help gently clean and soothe their stuffy or runny nose.

Boogie Saline Wipes - Toddler Packing Guide

Boogie Gentle Saline Nose Wipes


Runny noses can happen anytime with a toddler. So be prepared with these gentle saline nose wipes. My son hates having his nose wiped — except with these wipes that feature both aloe and saline to make it a more pleasant wiping experience.

Buy from Amazon

Insect repellent: Especially during the muggy, buggy summer, applying insect repellent can help protect your family from bug bites and potential diseases carried by insects, ensuring everyone remains healthy and itch-free throughout your vacation.

Fun and Games: Entertainment Items to Pack

Toddler Tablet Holder at Disney World

Small toys, coloring books, activity packs: Small activities are crucial for travel, restaurants, your hotel, and pretty much any moment of downtime during your Disney World vacation.

Mickey Mouse Play Pack

Disney Mickey Mouse Coloring and Activity Book Bundle


This is a great activity set for toddlers and small kids for a Disney World vacation. It includes one Disney Mickey Mouse Imagine Ink book, one Coloring Book, one Grab & Go Play Pack, Bonus Mickey Mouse pop fidget keychain toy. We love Imagine Ink books, as they use an invisible ink marker so it makes coloring time mess-free.

Buy from Amazon

A Disney Plush: One of our money saving tips for Disney World with kids is to buy a Disney plush at a discount from shopDisney or Target and pack it for the trip. You can give this to your child at the start of the vacation as their special WDW buddy. They’ll love exploring the parks with their new stuffed companion in tow, and it can also help temper their desire for more new toys and souvenirs during the trip.

Autograph book & pen: We consider this a must-have souvenir for visiting Disney World with kids. Whether you’re meeting Mickey Mouse or posing with princesses, an autograph book provides a charming memento of your encounters and a unique souvenir to treasure for years to come.

Tablet and Tablet Case: Rather than spend money on a new kid-focused tablet, I repurposed an old iPad as my son’s entertainment device, loading it with plenty of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Ms. Rachel YouTube videos. This has proven clutch for car trips, plane rides, in the hotel room, and at restaurants. I made the iPad kid-friendly by putting it in a durable and shockproof tablet case.

iPad Case for Toddlers

SUPLIK Kids Case for iPad


This is the iPad case that I use and swear by. It's turned my old iPad Air 2 into a durable kids' tablet, complete with a kickstand perfect for mealtime. If you order something like this, just make sure that it's compatible with the model of tablet you are using.

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Disney World Toddler Packing Tips and Tricks

Mickey Mouse - Character Meal at Disney World

  1. Rent a stroller from a third-party company rather than Disney: If you are renting a stroller, keep in mind that the official Disney Rental Strollers cannot be taken out of the parks. That means you have to pick them up and drop them off near the park entrance every time you go into a new park. Renting from a company like Kingdom Strollers will save you time and money versus Disney, as they will drop off the stroller at your hotel for you, and you can use it anywhere during the entire course of your vacation.
  2. Collapsible wagons are not allowed: Disney World banned collapsible wagons in the parks several years ago.
  3. Make sure your stroller fits within the guidelines: Strollers at Disney World can be a maximum of 31″ wide and 52″ long. Many strollers fit within these limits — including double strollers.
  4. Create a packing checklist: Plan ahead and make a list of all the essential items you’ll need for your Disney vacation. This will ensure you don’t forget any important items for your toddler. Check out our printable Disney World toddler packing list below.
  5. Involve your toddler in the packing process: Let your little one help choose which toys, clothes, or costumes to bring along. This can help build excitement for the trip and ensure they have their favorite items with them.
  6. Pack light, but smart: While it’s important to have the essentials, avoid overpacking. Bring versatile items and clothing that can be layered to accommodate fluctuating weather conditions.
  7. Consider travel-size items: Save space in your luggage by packing travel-sized toiletries, snacks, and other items. This will make it easier to manage your belongings and lighten your load.
  8. Pack a separate bag for the parks: Keep all of your park essentials (snacks, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, etc.) in a separate bag to make it easier to access what you need throughout the day.
  9. Bring extra clothes: Accidents happen, and having a spare set of clothes for your toddler can be a lifesaver. Pack at least one extra outfit per day for your little one.
  10. Organize with packing cubes: Keep your luggage organized and easy to navigate by using packing cubes. Assign a cube for each category (clothes, swim gear, etc.) to make finding items a breeze.
  11. Prepare for downtime: While going to Disney World can feel like it’s filled to the brim with activity, there is plenty of downtime. Pack activities, books, or small toys that your toddler can enjoy during breaks.
  12. Bring reusable items: Reduce waste and save money by packing reusable items like water bottles and snack container. This is also more environmentally friendly.

Free Disney World Toddler Packing Checklist PDF

Guide2WDW Toddler Packing List for Disney World

For a free and fun way to make sure you bring everything that we’ve recommended in our Disney World Toddler Packing Guide, here’s a free printable checklist. You can download the high quality WDW Toddler Packing Guide Checklist here.

How to Plan a Terrific Toddler Trip to Disney World

Triceratop Spin - Animal Kingdom Toddler Guide - Guide2WDW

Now that you’re all packed for the vacation, you need to know what to do with a toddler at Disney World. Our in-depth WDW Toddler Guides give you all the inside tips on how to make the most of your trip with a little one, including lesser-known play areas and activities that your toddler will love.

And for some extra assistance, reach out to our friends at Vacationeer. They are authorized Disney Travel Agents and dedicated WDW experts who can help you plan the perfect vacation for your family, with no extra cost to you!

Let us know in the comments: What do you pack when you bring a toddler to Disney World?