Genie+ just got more expensive — and more complicated — at Disney World and Disneyland. At Disney Theme Park Resorts on both coasts, the paid line-skipping service is moving to date-based pricing. This means that Genie+ will have a different cost depending on what day you buy it. This also means that Genie+ will cost more on average for a Disney World or Disneyland trip.

Previously, Genie+ was $15 per day at Disney World and $20 per day at Disneyland.

How expensive will Genie+ get at Disney World and Disneyland? Read on to find out.

Disney World Genie+ Price Range

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The current price range for Genie+ at Disney World will be $15-$22.

Pricing will be dependent on expected crowd size. That means Genie+ will be $15 per guest on less busy days, and busy days will be $22 per guest.

Note that this is the price range that Disney World has announced for October 2022. We might see even more expensive Genie+ pricing for Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are the busiest times at Disney World.

At Disney World, Genie+ is a same day purchase, and there is no way to prepay for the ticket add-on.

Disneyland Genie+ Price Range

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Disneyland increased the starting price of Genie+ to $25 per day.

Genie+ still can be added to your Disneyland ticket in advance. If you pre-purchase Genie+, it will cost $25 and will not vary by date. However, if you purchase Genie+ at Disneyland on the same day, you may pay extra. Same day pricing will be variable.

Disneyland has not announced a new top end of the range, only stating that Genie+ starts at $25 per ticket per day for same day purchases. Definitely expect prices to go up as crowds increase for the holidays.

Also, Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure has been added to the Genie+ lineup at Disney California Adventure.

Individual Lightning Lane Price Increase

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Scott Gustin reports that Individual Lightning Lane at Disney World will see more variability in prices for certain attractions, with a major price increase coming for Rise of the Resistance.

Rise of the Resistance was previously $15 per day at Hollywood Studios.

Genie+ Price Increase and Variability Takeaways

Disney World and Disneyland increasing the price of Genie+ seems a bit inevitable, but this is a pretty major price hike only a year after the service was introduced. While I could point to Disney World placing a disclaimer to lower expectations on Genie+ as proof that this price hike isn’t justified, it does seem like WDW needs a mechanism in place to be able to cool Genie+ demand. Right now at Disney World, the demand is too high and it results in mixed experiences for Genie+. If prices go up, demand may go down, which could lead to more satisfied guests despite the price hike.

If you are in-the-know and follow advice from our Disney Genie Guide and Lightning Lane Guide, you can get value out of the service no matter what. We will be updating these resources shortly with the most up-to-date information.

However, this does add an extra layer of complexity to an already complex system.

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