When I broke down the pros and cons of Genie+, I was pretty positive towards the fact that Genie+ was based off of Disneyland’s MaxPass system. As part of their 50th Anniversary Press preview, Disney revealed more details about how Genie+ will work. As a reminder, Genie+ includes access to Lightning Lane, which is the FastPass replacement. Unfortunately, they revealed a limitation to how Lightning Lane with Genie+ that will have a huge impact on how people tour the parks. Genie+ will only allow you Lightning Lane access to each attraction once per day. No re-rides with the shorter line.

I saw this from Carlye Wisel via Twitter.(She’s a great follow, by the way.)

Long gone are the days of grabbing a FastPass for your favorite ride first thing, riding it, and then grabbing another FastPass as soon as you’re done. With the original FastPass system, this was a great way to get multiple rides in on your favorite attraction with minimal wait, and it was possible with MaxPass. Sadly, that won’t be the case for Genie+.

There is a benefit to this limitation. It will limit the amount of guests using the Lightning Lane line, which should help keep standby waits down.

But it certainly hampers the value of the Genie+ $15/$20 per day add-on. When Disney first announced Genie+, they touted how it would give guests more flexibility. Eliminating the 60-day preplanning FastPass window certain gives some flexibility, but adding this once-per-day limitation really does not feel as flexible. Maybe you’re the type of guest that only wants to go on Space Mountain all day… or it’s a small world or whatever your favorite ride is. A Genie+ purchase would not help you out that much.

Stay tuned to Guide2WDW for more analysis on how Genie+ works before it launches this fall. As I learn more about this system, I will be sharing my best tips of how to get the most out of your Disney World vacation.