Attraction Stats

Location: Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Type: Trackless Dark Ride

Length: Full Experience Including Preshows: Approximately 20 Minutes. Ride Length: 4 Minutes.

Height Requirement: 40"

Audience: Kids, Teens, Adults

Opening Date: December 5, 2019

5 Stars Out of 5 Rating

One of the Best Attractions in Disney World

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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is an amazing, immersive experience that transports you to a galaxy far, far away like never before. While Rise of the Resistance can be categorized as a trackless dark ride, it is so much more than that. It is a story that unfolds around you through the queue and multiple ride systems. If you are a fan of Star Wars, theme parks, or just having a transportative experience, make this the number one priority for your Disney World vacation.

Must Know Info about Virtual Queues

Rise of the Resistance debuted with a virtual queue, meaning it was necessary to join via the Disney World app in order to go on the ride. As of September 23, 2021, Disney World is pausing the virtual queue, but they said they may bring it back from time to time, which hasn’t happened. Although we don’t expect Disney World to bring back the virtual queue for this ride, it is possible that could change in the future.

Disney recommends that you check the Disney World app on the day of your visit to see if Rise of the Resistance is using a virtual queue. When the virtual queue has been running up to this point, guests could join at 7 am and 1 pm. Here’s our complete Disney World Virtual Queue guide, and here’s a tip on how to save some time by confirming your party beforehand.

Rise of the Resistance Tips (Spoiler Free)

Tip: Rise of the Resistance has a lot of fun surprises, and it’s best to experience this ride knowing as little as possible. I’m going to explain the intensity of the ride in the next tip. If you’re not worried about that and want to go in completely unaware of what the ride does, stop reading now.

Tip: If you are worried about the intensity of the ride, it’s very approachable. It does have some mild thrills and a small drop, but motion sickness shouldn’t be an issue with this ride. You can read a full detailed breakdown in Will Rise of the Resistance give you motion sickness?  It does have some dark/”scary” moments, but it is no scarier than Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Tip: You can use the Star Wars Datapad in the PlayDisney app in line to accomplish specific missions and scan objects of interest.

Rise of the Resistance Queue

About Rise of the Resistance (Mild Spoilers)

If you are interested in what happens in this ride and don’t mind mild spoilers, here is the premise.

After you enter the Resistance base on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, you will receive a mission briefing from Rey and BB-8. The First Order knows the location of this hidden rebel base, so we need to evacuate. Guests board a transport, where things don’t go according to plan and they are captured by the First Order. It’s up to us to escape the First Order and make our way back to Batuu.

Throughout this journey, you will experience four different types of attraction that blend into each other:  walkthrough, motion simulator, trackless ride, and a drop ride.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance features some of the most impressive special effects and fun surprises on any Disney World ride. It’s an amazing adventure that everyone should experience at least once, even if they’re not a fan of Star Wars.

Rise of the Resistance Video – Full Ride Through

This video shows the entire Rise of the Resistance experience, from queue to ride. Spoilers, obviously.

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