NOTE: Pizza Planet is now closed. It is undergoing a lengthy refurbishment, and is rumored to re-open with a Muppet theme.

Located across from Muppet Vision 3D, Pizza Planet provides guests with a fun atmosphere and delicious personal pizzas. While the menu is nothing fancy, the pizza is guaranteed to satisfy you if a personal pie is what you crave. While service is pretty quick, I find that eating at Pizza Planet takes a little while longer than other quick service options around Disney World. Maybe that’s just because I’m distracted by the other draw of this restaurant.

Of course, there are arcade games inside of this Toy Story themed restaurant. From ski ball to racing games, you and your party can have some digital fun for an additional charge. While it’s not quite a fully functioning Chuck-E-Cheese like the Pizza Planet portrayed in the films, the arcade does provide a good amount of entertainment.

I’m not sure if its my love of all things Pixar or if its because pizza always puts me in a good mood, but I find myself always making a stop at Pizza Planet whenever I’m at Disney World.