*AN INFINITE STAR FIELD – YELLOW TEXT SCROLLS* Yesterday, thousands of guests entered a theme park, walked to its most popular attraction, and stepped in line. This was a very big deal. *YELLOW TEXT FADES INTO THE DISTANCE*

Okay, even with the Star Wars scroll helping me out, what happened at Hollywood Studios yesterday seems kind of ordinary. But that’s what so newsworthy about Rise of the Resistance’s first day with a traditional standby queue. After almost two years of having to figure out how to use the virtual queue system to be able to even go on the ride, the headline ride at Galaxy’s Edge finally offered a standby line option. In fact, that was the only way to get on the ride: FastPass is a thing of the past, and Lightning Lane is still on the horizon. Some feared that the demand for Rise would be so high that it would have a 5-6 hour line all day. So, what happened? How did the first day of standby at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance go at Hollywood Studios?

It went pretty darn smoothly.

As with anything new at Disney World, there was an initial rush to get on the ride when the park opened at 9 am. The wait times right at opening quickly shot up to 180 minutes by 9:30 am, peaking briefly at 220 minutes around 10 am, according to Thrill-Data.

Rise of The Resistance - 180 Minute Wait Time - Standby

However, that line time was obviously inflated, most likely due to Disney not having run the standby queue before. The posted wait time began to quickly drop between 10 and 10:45. Here’s a look at the wait times around the park at 10:09 am.

Rise of The Resistance - 150 Minute Wait Time - Standby

By 10:45, the Rise of the Resistances line had dropped to 75 minutes, where it hovered around for most of the day.

Rise of the Resistance - Wait Time - Disney World App

Keep in mind that this is just the posted wait time, which often will be longer than the actual wait time that guests experience. Alicia Stella of Orlando Park Stop / Theme Park Stop reported only waiting about 15 minutes to get to the first briefing room when the posted wait time was 80 minutes, which is when the experience of Rise of the Resistance begins (with some additional waiting after that spot). I saw several other reports on Twitter throughout the day of similar experiences, although that was not consistent throughout the day.

The posted wait time got as low as 45 minutes later in the day, and stayed consistently around 50-75 minutes between 7 pm and 9 pm.

Disney World Tip: Just based off of this pattern, it looks like the best time to ride Rise of the Resistance is later in the day. The wait times past 2:30 pm were significantly shorter than the initial morning rush. It will probably be best to check out Hollywood Studios other main attractions at rope drop (like Slinky Dog Dash) while the big crowds head to Rise of the Resistance. We’ll keep tracking the lines over the next few weeks and come out with a guide to visiting Hollywood Studios based on this new crowd pattern.

How long would you wait for Rise of the Resistance? Let me know in the comments below!