In our Guide 2 Disney Genie, we’ve shown you how to enroll in Disney Genie, purchase Genie+, use Genie to manage your day at Disney World, and use Genie+ to maximize your Lightning Lane usage in the parks. In our final entry, we’re going to show you everything about how to use the final piece of Disney’s paid FastPass replacement: Individual Lightning Lane selections, which let you pay to skip the line at Disney World and Disneyland’s most popular attractions. This guide will share how to buy them, when they go on sale, and which rides use Individual Lightning Lane.

Update 5-18-2022: Disney has updated the lineup for Individual Lightning Lane attractions. This guide has been updated to reflect that.

What is Individual Lightning Lane?

The Lightning Lane is a shorter line for those who have reservations. Individual Lightning Lane is the term for a la carte Lightning Lane purchases, which are available at 2 of the most popular or newest attractions in each park. These are individual purchases that are not included with Genie+, which bundles the rest of the Lightning Lane attractions together for a flat rate. You can read an in-depth explanation of the differences between Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane here.

How much does Individual Lightning Lane cost?

It depends on the attraction and the day. The prices can vary from $7 for less in-demand attractions to $15 for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. We have a full pricing lineup for the first day of Individual Lightning Lane at Disney World here, but just know that prices will change from day to day based on crowd levels.

Do I need to purchase Genie+ to be able to buy Individual Lightning Lane reservations?

No. You do not need to purchase Genie+ or even enroll in Disney Genie in order to purchase Individual Lightning Lane reservations.

Which attractions have Individual Lightning Lane?

Magic Kingdom Individual Lightning Lane Attractions

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Epcot Individual Lightning Lane Attractions

  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (until May 31)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (Starting May 27)

Hollywood Studios Individual Lightning Lane Attractions

  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Animal Kingdom Individual Lightning Lane Attractions

  • Avatar Flight of Passage

Disneyland Individual Lightning Lane Attractions

  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

California Adventure Individual Lightning Lane Attractions

  • Radiator Springs Racers
  • Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure

How to buy Individual Lightning Lane reservations

Disney Genie - Hamburger MenuFirst, you’ll need the MyDisneyExperience app or Disneyland app and a Disney account. We shared how to download and login to your Disney account in the Genie setup guide. Once you have the most up to date version of the app, you’ll want to go to the Tip Board in the Disney Genie section. You can do this a few ways:

  • On the home page, there’s a banner highlighting Disney Genie Service. You can press the “Summon Disney Genie” button to get started.
  • Press the Plus button in the middle of the bottom menu bar to bring up a list of actions. Press the “View my Genie Day and Tip Board” to go to Genie within the app.
  • Press the three lines (also known as a hamburger menu) on the bottom right of the menu bar. You should select “Tip Board” to access Disney Genie.

Even if you haven’t configured Disney Genie, you can still access the Tip Board to look at wait times and purchase Individual Lightning Lane reservations.

Select the park that you are going to by tapping “Change Park” next to the park icon at the top of the Tip Board. Next, scroll to the attraction you’re interested in purchasing an Individual Lightning Lane for.

Disney Genie Guide - Individual Lightning Lane Selections

Tap the “Individual Lightning Lane” box under the attraction you want to purchase. This box will display the earliest arrival window, as well as the current price per person. From there, you will confirm your party, select your arrival window from all the times available, and select your payment method, and confirm your purchase.

Once you have purchased your Lightning Lane reservation, you just need to arrive at the Lightning Lane entrance at the attraction during your selected window. As a reminder, Lightning Lane has a grace period of 5 minutes early and 15 minutes late. So if you got a 3:50-4:50 Lightning Lane reservation for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, you can arrive between 3:45 and 5:05.

When do Individual Lightning Lane purchases start?

At Disney World: Resort guests can start purchasing Individual Lightning Lane reservations at 7 am each day. All other guests can purchase starting at park opening, which varies day to day and park to park.

At Disneyland: Guests can purchase Individual Lightning Lane reservations once they have entered the theme park.

Note: you will need valid admission and a park reservation before you can make an Individual Lightning Lane purchase.

How many Individual Lightning Lane purchases can I make?

Guests are limited to two Individual Lighting Lane purchases per person per day. You cannot buy an Individual Lightning Lane for the same attraction twice in one day.

Unlike Genie+ Lightning Lane, there is no time limit between making Individual Lightning Lane purchases. You can purchase both of your Individual Lightning Lane as soon as they become available.

Do I have to purchase the next available time slot?

This is one of the differences between how Lightning Lane works at Disneyland and Disney World.

At Disney World: You can select from all available time slots when you purchase an Individual Lightning Lane.

At Disneyland: You have to purchase the next available time slot when buying an Individual Lightning Lane.

Does Individual Lightning Lane support Park Hopping?

Yes. You can purchase Individual Lightning Lane reservations in two different parks. You will need a park hopper ticket to do this.

Can my Individual Lightning Lane purchases overlap with Genie+ Lightning Lane?

Yes. They are two separate systems, so Individual Lightning Lane won’t interfere with Genie+ Lightning Lane. It’s all explained in-depth in our Genie+ Lightning Lane guide.

What happens if the ride I purchase an Individual Lightning Lane for breaks down?

If the ride you have an Individual Lightning Lane purchase for breaks down during your window, your arrival window will be extended until park closing. If the ride does not open back up for the rest of the day, you should be automatically refunded. If you cannot use your Lightning Lane reservation because you left the park, talk to guest relations. They should offer you a refund. This is the only way to get a refund for Individual Lightning Lane, in case of technical difficulties.

Can I cancel or modify my Individual Lightning Lane purchase?

No. Once you purchase your Individual Lightning Lane reservation, you cannot change it to a different time or a different attraction. There is no way to cancel it and receive a refund. If you have an emergency that prevents you from using your Lightning Lane reservation, we would recommend talking with Guest Relations and politely asking what they can do.

That concludes our Guide 2 Disney Genie. Let me know if you have any more questions about Lightning Lane, Disney Genie, or anything else related to Disney World in the comments! You can find all of our Disney Genie guides listed below.

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