Adjacent to The Hall of Presidents, Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is a fast-service window offering up sweet treats and snacks. It (surprisingly) has plenty of seating nearby for most of the day. However, during parades, it can become quite busy from people grabbing an iced coffee, waffles, and the beloved funnel cake, mostly due to its great view of Cinderella Castle and the parade route.

The most unique offerings at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments are the waffle sandwiches.  The Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich is a filling and savory twist on the classic combo of chicken and waffles. Those looking for a fun breakfast option should consider the Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich, if they can resist getting the Mickey Waffle.

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments is a personal favorite of the Guide2WDW staff. We are crazy about the waffle sandwiches and the funnel cake with extra powdered sugar. If you happen to see someone in a black shirt covered in powdered sugar nearby, it’s probably me.

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments Menu – Updated July 2019


  • Foot-long Corn Dog – served with House-made Chips – $10.99
  • Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich – Waffle Sandwich with House-made Chips – $10.49
  • Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich – served with Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread – $8.29
  • Mickey Waffle with Powdered Sugar – $5.79
  • Mickey Waffle served with Strawberries and Whipped Cream – $6.79
  • Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar – $6.99
  • Funnel Cake topped with Strawberries and Whipped Cream – $7.99
  • Breakfast Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich – served with Ham and Tomatoes (served until 12:00pm) – $8.99


  • Vanilla Ice Cream Churro Sandwich – 6.99


  • French Vanilla Iced Coffee – $4.79
  • Mocha Iced Coffee – $4.79
  • odwalla Lemonade – with Wildberry Foam – $5.49
  • Assorted Fountain Beverages – 3.99
  • Dasani® Bottled Water – $3.50
  • Hot Tea – $3.29
  • Nestlé Hot Cocoa – $3.29
  • Coffee – regular or decaf – $3.29
  • Milk – $3.79
  • Nestlé Nesquik Chocolate Milk – $3.79
  • Simply Orange Orange Juice – $4.99

Note: Menus for Disney World restaurants change on a somewhat regular basis, so the menu listed above is subject to change. For the most up to date menu, check out Disney’s official Sleepy Hollow Refreshments menu.