The long journey is almost over! No, not your current walk from the TTC parking lot to the Magic Kingdom entrance — although that won’t be a problem for much longer. The metaphorical journey of having to navigate Disney World parking lots without the very useful trams. Parking lot trams have not been in use since Disney World reopened last year. That’s meant almost a year and a half of guests getting a lot of extra steps in before they even enter the parks.

Walt Disney World announced via Twitter that trams are returning to WDW this year! Guests parking at the TTC for the Magic Kingdom will once again be able to ride a parking tram rather than walk to the monorail or boat launch to get to the Magic Kingdom entrance (as we covered in our Guide 2 Disney World Transportation, getting to Magic Kingdom can be tricky.)

The rest of the tweet is full of vaguely good news, depending on how much work the word “throughout” is doing. Parking trams will return to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom “throughout 2022.” If that means January and February 2022, then it’s not too long of a wait! However, this could mean waiting a whole extra 12 months for the parking trams to finally return. As guests have been clamoring for the return of parking trams since Disney World reopened, let’s hope that it is sooner rather than later. We are looooooong past the point where removing the trams made any sense as a COVID-protocol, especially as Disney World has continued to run other forms of shared transportation like the monorail or the Disney bus line.

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