During a quick trip to Disneyland, I had made plans to run into the park from our hotel room to ride Rise of the Resistance after my wife and young son had gone to bed for the night. The park was open until midnight, and I was hopeful that I could leverage the evening’s shorter wait times and an Individual Lightning purchase to get on the ride at least twice.

In classic Star Wars fashion, my plans went awry.

No, they weren’t thwarted by an evil Galactic Empire or a Sith Lord. Instead, it was a quirk of the Disneyland operating schedule that knocked my ship out of hyperspace. It turns out, on the day of my visit, Rise of the Resistance was only operating from 8 am until 8 pm, despite the park being open until 12 am. There was a full four hours of park operation time where the number one attraction wasn’t open.

Certain attractions being only open part of the operating day at Disneyland isn’t new. Toontown and certain Fantasyland rides will shut down early. However, I had not been aware of the shortened operating hours for Rise of the Resistance until I discovered the hard way. Rise also had an 8 pm closing time on the second day of my trip, and it’s the closing time on the day of this writing.

Rise of the Resistance Hours - Disneyland App

Operating hours are fluid and can change from day to day. The lesson here is to check the Disneyland app to see the operating hours for Rise of the Resistance. Tap on the attraction on the park map or the Disney Genie tip board to open the details page for Rise of the Resistance. Scroll down and you’ll see the hours listed. Then you can adjust your plans accordingly!

Note: This tip applies to Disneyland, which regularly has longer operating hours than Hollywood Studios. Rise of the Resistance typically runs from park opening to close at Hollywood Studios.