PhotoPass is a great way to get pictures with your favorite characters or in front of Disney World and Disneyland’s iconic features. But did you know that there’s a way to get even more magic out of your Disney pictures? When getting your picture taken from a PhotoPass photographer, always ask if they can do a Magic Shot. This is a special picture where Disney will add in a fun element. You might suddenly have balloons in your hand, or Tinkerbell might show up on your shoulder. These special shots are location specific: You can pose with Grogu in Galaxy’s Edge, or you can see a Banshee flying over your picture at Pandora. Sometimes the PhotoPass photographer will offer up a magic shot pose on their own, but the best way to get the most magic shots is to always ask your photographer if they are doing any special or magic shots. They are almost always happy to oblige (unless there’s a technical reason), and you will end up with some very unique vacation photos. This tip works at Disney World as well as Disneyland.