If you are going to buy Genie+, you should do it in advance or before you head into the park for the best value. Why? For $15/day at Disney World and $20/day at Disneyland, guests can use Genie+ to get access to the Lightning Lane at select attractions – check out the full list of Genie+ Lightning Lane attractions here. Guests who purchase Genie+ can use the app to secure Lightning Lane reservations one at a time. Once you get one Lightning Lane reservation, you can then get another Lightning Lane reservation either once you’ve used your first reservation or 120 minutes after you’ve made the reservation – whichever is first. So the earlier in the day you get Genie+, the more Lightning Lane reservations you’ll be able to secure.

There are a few more reasons you’ll want to buy Genie+ as early as possible. Reservations for Lightning Lane through Genie+ will open each day at 7 am, even if the park doesn’t open until later. Much like the FastPass+ system or Virtual Queue, there will be a rush for the most popular Genie+ Lightning Lane attractions, such as Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run or Slinky Dog Dash. Purchasing Genie+ before 7 am will give you the best shot at getting into the Lightning Lane at the best rides. While Genie+ access will not sell out, Lightning Lane access is limited, so those waiting until later in the day to purchase Genie+ will find a more limited selection than what was available earlier in the day.

Basically, as the day goes on, the value of buying Genie+ goes down. Guests who buy Genie+ in advance and start making reservations at 7 am will get the most bang for their buck. Guests who wait until they are in the park will lose valuable time inside the park signing up and will have a harder time using Lightning Lane at the most popular attractions.