Making dining reservations at Disney World used to be simpler. Make a reservation at a restaurant and then show up at the reserved time — like every other restaurant in the world. However, the arrival of the Park Pass reservation program throws a wrench into the works. With the Park Pass program, you need a specific park reservation to enter that theme park on the date. So to enter Magic Kingdom, you need a Park Pass reservation for Magic Kingdom. The Park Pass determines which park you enter first. If you have a single park ticket, that is the only park you can that day. If you have a Park Hopper ticket, you can go to a different park, but only after you’ve entered the park you have a reservation for and when park hopping starts, which is 2 PM right now.

If you have a single park ticket, you must have both a reservation for the restaurant and a valid park pass reservation for the park the restaurant is in. In other words, if you get an elusive table at Space 220, aka one of the hardest reservations to get at Disney World, be sure to also have a park reservation for EPCOT on that date.

If you have a Park Hopper ticket, be sure that any reservations for before 2 PM are at the park you have a Park Pass for. You can enter another park starting at 2 PM, so if you have a Hollywood Studios Park Pass but you get a 3 PM reservation for Be Our Guest, you will be still able to dine at the Beast’s castle. If that reservation was at 1 PM, you would need to have a Magic Kingdom Park Pass in order to use your reservation.

TLDR: If you have a dining reservation at a restaurant inside the parks, make sure you also have a valid Park Pass reservation and know about the 2 PM park hopping rules!