As you walk through the American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot, you may encounter the incredible aroma of funnel cakes coming from this kiosk. These funnel cakes are so good, they rank up with our all time favorite Disney World desserts. If you desire the classic theme park treat, they can be served up plain, with chocolate, or with fruit. If you are craving this feel good park food, look no further. This locale even offers a gift funnel cake kit, if you want to make this delectable treat at home.

Funnel Cake Kiosk Menu – Updated July 2019

  • Funnel Cake with Sugar – 7.00
    • add Vanilla Ice Cream – 2.50
    • add Chocolate Sauce – 1.25
  • Cookies ‘n’ Cream Funnel Cake – with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce – 11.50
  • Bottled Water – 2.75
  • Funnel Cake Gift Kit – 19.00

Note: Menus for Disney World restaurants change on a somewhat regular basis, so the menu listed above is subject to change. For the most up to date menu, check out Disney’s official Funnel Cake Kiosk menu.