Here’s a rope drop strategy for DHS: Get to Disney’s Hollywood Studios 30-45 minutes before the park opens. Before the park opens, decide which attraction you want to go to first. Most likely, you’ll want to go toward the right of the park, either toward Toy Story Land or Sunset Boulevard. If you want to do the Toy Story Rides, keep walking past the Animation Courtyard to Toy Story Land and get on Slinky Dog Dash first, as that will have the longest lines all day, and hit up Toy Story Midway Mania after that. If you are seeking thrills, veer right just as the park opens up to go down Sunset Boulevard to ride Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster with little to no wait. Save Star Tours for later, as that ride has the most manageable lines of these five rides. Once Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is open, that will join your list of priorities for first thing to do once the park opens.