Even if you’re prepared with a poncho and umbrella, there’s one big problem you’ll run into at Disney World or Disneyland during a rainy day: your feet will get soaked. While packing a change of socks and a Ziploc bag like we suggest in our WDW Emergency Packing Essentials is a good solution, you might not have remembered these items, and your feet might still get wet after you’ve changed into your fresh socks. A few years ago during a rainy day at Animal Kingdom, my wife figured out a Disney World life hack that kept her feet dry all day.

Go into a shop and ask for two small plastic shopping bags. You can wear them as an extra layer between your socks and your shoes, and they do a great job keeping your socks and feet dry. If you’re worried about how this might look, you can easily stuff the extra plastic of the bag into your shoes if you’re wearing regular tennis shoes. But this isn’t a fashion-forward tip: it’s a practical way to avoid having soggy socks and feet all day.

Wet Bag - Umbrella Bag - Disney World and Disneyland Rainy Day Tip

During a recent trip to Disneyland, I actually employed this hack with two umbrella bags that Disney put out in front of the World of Disney store. While my shoes got wet, my socks and feet stayed completely dry. This made for a much better park-going experience in the rain, and I felt much more comfortable throughout the whole day.

You could also use this tip before going on Splash Mountain, Grizzly River Run, or Kali River Rapids to keep your feet dry.