Attraction Stats

Location: Imagination Pavilion, Future World, Epcot

Type: Interactive Exhibit

Length: Exhibit: 5-30 Minutes

Audience: All Ages

Open since January 10, 1982

2 Stars Out of 5 Rating

Only go if there's no wait

Located in the Imagination Pavilion, the ImageWorks What If Labs feature several interactive activities designed to spark your imagination through pictures and sound.

  • Stepping Tones – Create music by stepping on picture panels that make sound.
  • Create a Figment – Use a touchscreen to make your own customized Figment, and then email it to yourself or a friend.
  • Figment Melody Maker – Wave your arms around like a conductor and make Figment play an instrument. Where you move your arms

You will pass by these exhibits after riding Journey Into Imagination with Figment. However, you don’t need to go on the ride in order to play with these interactive games.

These activities can be a cute diversion for a few minutes, but the experiences aren’t nearly as compelling as the original, 2-story version of ImageWorks that included activities such as Dreamfinder’s School of Drama, Figment’s Coloring Book, or the Voice Activated Lumia. ImageWorks can be fun for 15 minutes or a half hour, which is why we listed this in our EPCOT Toddler Guide.

ImageWorks also features a gift shop.

Tips and Trivia

  • You don’t have to ride Journey Into Imagination with Figment to enjoy the activities at ImageWorks. Just walk through the gift shop doors at the Imagination Pavilion.
  • Want a keepsake adorned with everyone’s favorite Epcot character, Figment? Head to ImageWorks. The gift shop here is the place to get Figment merchandise, including shirts, pins, and plush. Another shop to check out is MouseGears, located at the heart of Future World.

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