Easter is this weekend, and what better way to celebrate at Disney World than with a good old-fashioned Egg Hunt. As part of Limited Time Magic, Epcot is holding the Vinylmation Egg-sperience Egg Hunt throughout the World Showcase. However, rather than looking for little plastic eggs with quarters and chocolates in them, guests will seek out giant Disney-themed eggs hidden throughout the various countries in the World Showcase. Read on for more details and an image gallery of the Epcot Vinylmation Egg-sperience Egg Hunt.

For $4.95, you can purchase your Egg Hunt map at the two shops adjacent to the entry of the World Showcase. With the exception of Mexico, each country has an Easter Egg to find

Each country with the exception of Mexico has an Easter Egg with a Disney character on it for guests to find. The map is accompanied with stickers that you use to match the country with the egg that’s in it. As with any good Easter Egg Hunt, there is a secret prize at the end. I won’t spoil it here, but if you’re really curious, just scroll down below the image gallery to find out. Do not scroll below the image gallery if you do not want to find out what the secret prize is. It also should be said that the image gallery has minor spoilers, since it shows the location of some of the eggs.

We were able to check out the Epcot Egg Hunt earlier this week, and it was a ton of fun. Like Agent P, we love activities that give us an excuse to explore through the World Showcase and look at it in a new way.

Tip: If you don’t care about the prize, don’t pay the $4.95 fee. The eggs are identifiable without the map. Just explore the World Showcase until you see all 10 eggs!

Tip: Daylight is the best time to search for Epcot eggs. However, if you’re in the mood for a challenge, you might want to search for these in the evening.

Happy hunting!