Let’s face it: waiting in line at Disney World can be a drag. Disney does some amazing work with the theming of their queues, but nobody comes back from their WDW vacation raving about all the time they spent in line. Disney has been trying to fix this problem by adding more interactive elements to distract guests along the way. We got tired of getting bored in line at Disney World, so we came up with our own solution: a game called One More Roll.

We’ve been going to Disney World my whole life, and for as long as I can remember, my dad has been coming up with little games or brain teasers to help us pass the time while waiting in line or for a restaurant reservation. A few years ago, mydad made a prototype of a push your luck dice game for the iPhone. It was bare bones, but even then it was clear that this game was a lot of fun. It quickly became our new go-to for when we would wait in line for Soarin’ or wait for our food to come at Mama Melrose.

We finally decided that we should share this fun with the world. So, my dad and uncle worked on the programming and I took charge on the graphics and sound. We turned the prototype into a full fledged app and added new game modes and features like Game Center and Local Network Play. After months of hard work, the app just became available for iPhone. One More Roll is a free download on the App Store.

The game is quick and simple: You start with three rolls of the dice, trying to roll as low a total as possible at first. Once your first total is set, you can either bank your points from this turn or “Go For It” and try to earn more points by rolling higher than your current roll. The more times you Go For It in a single turn, the more points you get. If you fail to roll a higher number, you’ll bust and lose all the points you’ve earned so far that turn. In stark contrast to the wise words of Ray Parker Jr, bustin’ does not make me feel good. In a standard game, the first player to 100 points wins, which usually only takes a few minutes.

One More Roll - A fun quick game for iPhone
The decision starts off easy: Bank It for 1 point or Go For It and try to earn 3.


One More Roll - A fun quick game for iPhone
The points you earn in one turn can escalate quickly, and the decision to Go For It becomes much riskier.

There are three game modes, and you can play alone or with someone else. Part of the reason why I really like playing this game is that there is multiplayer. We’ve definitely had the family vacations where everyone is sucked into different apps and different games, which kind of defeats the purpose of going on vacation as a family. One More Roll helps us pass the time together, so we made sure that there are as many ways to play with someone else as possible. You can play the game on two iPhones through Game Center or Local Network, but we also have a Pass and Play mode, so you don’t need more than one iPhone to play.

One More Roll is free for iPhone. I’m really proud of the game, and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun playing it. Definitely let me know what you think! If you enjoy the game, please leave us a review on the App Store (it helps a lot). And if you find yourself playing it at Disney World or Disneyland, definitely share a picture of you playing the game with me on Twitter or Instagram.

(And, yes, I know, the top picture is from Disneyland, not Disney World.)

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