A little bit of Disney World history returned to the Magic Kingdom this week. In a small ceremony on Tuesday morning, Disney and D23 representatives announced the return of the Orange Bird to Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland. The Orange Bird was originally created by Disney for the Florida Citrus Commission, one of the first sponsors of Walt Disney World. The Orange Bird greeted guests in Adventureland from the Magic Kingdom’s opening in 1971 until 1987. After an absence that lasted about a quarter of a century, the Orange Bird is officially back!

There were a few signs that pointed to the cute little bird’s arrival. Disney World fan sites and Twitter accounts had been abuzz over the past few weeks after the Citrus Swirl, a delicious frozen-orange and vanilla treat, made a comeback to Sunshine Tree Terrace. Then the Sunshine Tree Terrace got a new sign with a new font. Some keen Disney World guests noticed that you could see the outline of the Orange Bird behind the sun on the sign. Disney and D23 then made it official with the ceremony this week. The Orange Bird is now all over Sunshine Tree Terrace, as well as on merchandise ranging from shirts to pins to sippy cups, and he even appears on a poster underneath the Main Street train station!

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In the video above, D23’s Armchair Archivist explains the history and significance of the Orange Bird. This even includes a performance of the Orange Bird song with Disney Legend, Richard Sherman.

Attractions Magazine posted a video of Tuesday’s ceremony. They also have a write-up that you should definitely check out.

Sunshine Tree Terrace Poster - Walt Disney World


Finally, Disney Parks Blog has a post detailing the Orange Bird merchandise Disney World guests can purchase. This includes shirts and a very stylish poster.

Personally, I’m very excited to see Orange Bird return. The character was a little bit before my time, but he’s a fun reminder of the Magic Kingdom’s past, and I think he’s a very welcome re-addition to Walt Disney World. Also, I can’t wait to get my hands on that Sunshine Tree Terrace poster.

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