Earlier this week, Disney Parks Blog announced the long rumored replacement for the Prince Caspian exhibit at Hollywood Studios: The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow. Opening Fall 2012, this exhibit will take Disney World guests into the world of the four Pirates of the Caribbean films. But what makes this different than your run of the mill prop exhibit?

“This is going to be an immersive experience. We’ll really delve into the story of Captain Jack Sparrow and put our guests in the middle of it all in new and exciting ways,” says Jason Roberts, show producer for Walt Disney Imagineering. “In this attraction, we’ll let you walk in the footsteps of Jack Sparrow. It’s not ‘the making of,’ not ‘behind the scenes’ … it is really a first-person experience. We worked with the archives as well as the filmmakers while they were shooting the last movie. And as a fan, I just loved sitting through those films again and again, going through all the details and leveraging them for this new experience. It’s really been a blast.”

This attraction seems like a no-brainer as an addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Pirates of the Caribbean has a strong connection to Walt Disney World, and the movies have been some of the most successful for Walt Disney Studios over the past decade. If rumors are to be believed, it is likely that there could be a fifth and sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie centering around Jack Sparrow. (It’s a bit unclear how likely that is now that former Studio head Rich Ross has been ousted from the company.) If The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow is as immersive as Jason Roberts describes, this could be a long lasting attraction that could be easily updated with subsequent sequels, if they happen.

No word if Michael Bolton will be included in the exhibit.

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