One of our favorite tips to give out to first-time Walt Disney World visitors is to check out Club Cool, located in Future World near the Fountain View Cafe (Starbucks) in Epcot. Club Cool provides free samples of international products made by the Coca Cola company. Not only is it a way to get free soda in Disney World, but it’s also a cool way to try out a sampling of popular sodas from other cultures.

Disney recently changed out the flavors at Club Cool. Find out what’s good, what’s not so good, and what flavors Disney decided to keep around at the revamped menu at Club Cool.

Club Cool - New Flavors - 2013 - Epcot

First, let’s start with the new additions:

Greece – Pineapple Fanta: This was by far the biggest hit of the group, maybe because it was the most familiar flavor. If you’ve ever had a Fanta, you can probably imagine what a pineapple flavor would taste like. The result is delicious. Definitely my new favorite.

Thailand – Melon Fanta: This drink reminded me of the Watermelon soda from China that was previously offered at Club Cool. Sweet, tropical, and a winner among the new lineup.

South Africa – Bibo: This non-carbonated kiwi mango offering proved divisive among my vacationing party. I liked it quite a bit, but my girlfriend almost spit it out.

Spatletta – Zimbabwe: This drink is flavored by the Sparberry, which I had never heard of until I read the description in Club Cool. I was reminded a lot of Strawberry Fanta, which isn’t a bad thing.

Peru – Inca Cola: This popular drink hailing from Peru tastes almost like bubblegum. It’s very sweet, and might be divisive because of this. This was my second favorite flavor behind Greece.

Brazil – Kuat: Kuat has a guarana berry flavor. However, if you pressed me, it would be hard for me to describe to you what a guarana berry tastes like. The flavor was very mild, and this soda did not leave a strong impression with me.

So, what flavors remain from the previous lineup? Japan’s Vegitabeta (non-carbonated with a hint of passion fruit) and the notorious Beverly from Italy (extremely bitter and hated by almost anyone who tries it in Club Cool). Now, why would Disney opt to keep a flavor that almost makes every guest wince? I think Beverly has somewhat of an infamous quality, and trying it at Club Cool is almost a right of passage for a new Disney World guest. Just be sure to have a swig of a better soda handy.

Overall, the new lineup of flavors is a lot sweeter and fruitier than the previous lineup. There’s no cola in the lineup, like there was Mezzo Mix, with the German Coke with a hint of orange that was previously offered. Maybe it was drinking 8 different samples, but the overall sweetness left me with a bit of a headache afterwards. There are some definite winners here (Greece and Peru stood out to me), but the lack of variety is a bit disappointing. I hope Disney and Coke balance the next lineup to not be as cloyingly sweet as this one (and, no, Beverly’s bitterness doesn’t counteract the rest of the sweetness)

What do you think? Any flavors you love or despise? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook, or email me at [email protected].