Do you think it’s good to be bad? Do you find yourself monologing, scheming, or twirling your mustache on occassion? Do you think it’s perfectly rational to make a fur coat out of a litter of puppies that belongs to someone else? Then does Hollywood studios have the party for you! On the night of August 23rd, Disney is inviting you to party with more than 50 of their meanest stars at the Villains Unleashed party at Hollywood Studios.

This year’s Villains Unleashed party seems like a more fleshed out version of the Friday the 13th celebration from last year. The popular villain characters will be completely occupying and taking over the park. Also, guests will be invited to dress up in costume to unleash their inner villain. Highlights for this year’s event include:

  • Villainy in the Skies Fireworks
  • A special Villain pre-show for Fantasmic
  • A Star Wars villain area (Side note: Disney, if you can set up a photo-op that makes it look like Emperor Palpatine is electrocuting me, that would be amazing)
  • Oogie Boogie’s Variety Show
  • Hades Hangout & Dance Party
  • Special food and merchandise just for the event.

Unlike last year’s Friday the 13th party, this is a hard-ticketed event that will cost extra. That’s actually good news, as last year’s free party was so in demand that it caused hours of traffic surrounding Hollywood Studios, and the park was extremely crowded. By making this a hard-ticketed event, Disney can limit the crowds so that everyone who wants to go will be able to actually make it to the park.

Tickets are $67 for adults and $62 for children ages 3-9. Tickets went on sale today, June 9th. This one night event is sure to be popular, so act fast if you want to go to this Villains party! To purchase, call 407-939-1933.

(Image Copyright Disney)