Good news, internet. You can stop pretending to work. Apple’s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Keynote has just ended, and one of the biggest new features announced is Apple Pay. Apple is looking to change how we make payments in a convenient way that Disney World guests may already be familiar with.

Users can securely store credit card information in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and then pay using the Near Field Communication antenna inside the phone. The implementation looks pretty slick. Holding the phone near an NFC reader at checkout with your finger on the Touch ID sensor will send the payment, so there’s no need to open a special app. Apple Pay works with most major credit cards, and will be supported by a wide variety of stores. The service will roll out in October.

Being able to pay without taking your wallet out is something that Disney World guests have been doing for the past year. Resort guests have been able to pay at Disney World’s stores and restaurants by tapping their Magic Bands. It sounds small, but it’s really convenient. Using a Magic Band to pay for everything from Dole Whips to Vinylmation made me hate it whenever I had to reach for my wallet. Apple is taking that convenience and implementing it on a much larger scale.

Apple’s plans for Apple Pay include the happiest place on Earth. iPhone 6 users will be able to use Apple Pay at Disney World. The only details given during the keynote is that it will be implemented at WDW by this Christmas. This will give non-Disney Resort guests some of the convenience that the Magic Band tap-to-pay feature provides.

Apple Watch

Even if taking your phone out is too much of an inconvenience, Apple has you covered. Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Magic Band Watch. The stylish accessory has a ton of awesome looking features, including an animated Mickey Mouse watch-face. Notably, the Apple Watch will also support Apple Pay, which means users can just use a wristband to make payments.

Sound familiar?

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus go on sale next Friday, September 19. Apple Watch will debut in 2015, starting at $350.