It’s time to wake up and smell the oranges. Disney just announced the last opportunity for guests to ride Soarin’ Over California before the ride gets a global update in June. Soarin’, which premiered at Disney’s California Adventure in 2001 and replaced Food Rocks at Epcot in 2005, took guests on a flying trip over some of California’s most famous and beautiful landmarks in a unique hang gliding ride vehicle. Over the last 15 years, Disneyland and Disney World fans have lined up to glide over the Golden Gate bridge, the cliffs of Malibu, and the orange groves of Camarillo. With amazing visuals, a fantastic score, and even some memorable smells, Soarin’ has proven to be a fan favorite at Disney Parks on both coasts.

With the opening of Shanghai Disneyland next month, Disney created a whole new ride film that lets guests experience the same Soarin’ experience but see destinations from all over the world. Soarin’ Around the World will premiere at Epcot and DCA on June 17, one day after Shanghai Disneyland opens. But what about fans of the original ride film? Well, Disney World guests will have a chance to see Soarin’ Over California before it flies away for the foreseeable future.

Soarin’ has been closed for a lengthy refurbishment for the past few months at Epcot, but it will reopen on May 27 with the California ride film playing. Guests will be able to soar over Napa Valley, Palm Springs, and Yosemite until June 16 in Epcot (and until June 15 at California Adventure). FastPass+ reservations for Soarin at Epcot will open up tomorrow, May 21. Since Soarin’s line is consistently one of the longest in all of Disney World, making a FastPass+ reservation is definitely the way to go.

After that, the ride will be updated to feature destinations from around the world, which should fit nicely in the spirit of Epcot. If you’re a fan of the California iteration, there is still a possibility that Disney could bring back the classic ride film on a limited basis due to the new digital projection system. I could definitely see Disney running the California ride film out of one of the theaters at Soarin in Epcot or DCA after Soarin Around the World has had a chance to run for several months, or running a limited time throwback event. This is just purely a hunch, but I don’t think Soarin’ Over California will be flying away forever.

Last Chance to Ride Soarin - Epcot

If you just can’t wait for Soarin’ Over The World, be sure to check out this quick video preview of the new film.

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