To get ready for this summer’s soon to be awakened crowds and to respond to the recent closures of some other eateries in Hollywood Studios, Disney has just opened three new food booths in the Echo Lake area of the park. Located near Gertie the Dinosaur, Bocados del Lago Nachos y Empanadas, Sliders to the Stars, Hollywood Waffles of Fame now offer guest some quick entrees and snacks that live up to the namesakes of the booth. Nearby Oasis Canteen is also now serving up some new options.

Echo Lake now has a kind of mini-World Showcase Lagoon during Food and Wine Festival vibe. What can you chow down on around the Lake at Hollywood Studios? Read on to see the menus for each booth.

Nachos And Empanadas

Bocados del Lago Nachos y Empanadas Menu

  • Loaded Chili Cheese Nachos with Guacamole
  • Beef Empanadas, roasted corn and black bean salsa, Queso Fresco with cilantro sour cream
  • Dulce de Leche Cookie

Sliders to the Stars

Sliders to the Stars Menu

  • Pulled Beef Brisket Sliders with arugula, pickled onions and horseradish aioli on sesame bun served with chips
  • Pulled Barbecued Chicken Sliders with coleslaw and chipotle aioli on a brioche bun served with chips
  • Mickey Brownie

Hollywood Waffles of Fame

Hollywood Waffles of Fame

  • Shaved Turkey and Gouda Waffle Sandwich with mixed greens, bacon, tomato and herb-cheese pesto served with chips
  • Shaved Ham and Cheddar Focaccia with water cress and spicy mustard served with chips
  • Freshly-baked Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oasis Canteen - Disney's Hollywood Studios Restaurant

Oasis Canteen

  • Chicken Breast Nuggets served with celery and carrots with a Ranch dipper and chips
  • Sweet Chili-glazed Chicken Breast Nuggets served with celery and carrots with a Ranch dipper and chips
  • Kid’s Breast Nuggets
  • Mickey Brownie