Ticket prices to Disney World are once again on the rise, and Disney has gone ahead with a seasonal pricing plan that has been widely rumored for the last year. Disney has broken the year up into three periods based on historic crowd levels: Value, Regular, and Peak. Value Season tickets, available during the slowest, least crowded times of the year, will be the cheapest, and Peak Season tickets, available for crowded times such as Spring Break or Christmas, will be the most expensive.

There is good news: the price increase is limited to 1-Day tickets only. Multi-day tickets and Annual Passes have not increased in price and aren’t subject to the seasonal tiers. The bad news? The “Value” 1-Day passes are the current 1-Day ticket prices, so this means that this is effectively a price-hike for most of the year. Effectively, 1-Day passes are becoming less and less of a good value, especially during Peak Season when a 1-Day Adult Magic Kingdom Ticket is a whopping $124, up from $105.

The seasons are enforced through blockout dates, where a Value Season ticket is only good during Value Season dates. A Regular Season ticket can be used during Regular Season and Value Season dates. Finally, a Peak Season ticket has no blockout dates, meaning you could use a Peak Season ticket during a Value Season day, but we’d recommend against that since it’s just a waste of money.

Another change: 1-Day tickets now expire at the end of the next calendar year. So a 1-Day Disney World ticket bought in 2016 will expire December 31, 2017. However, an expired ticket is not worthless! You will be able to trade it in and get the purchased-price as a credit toward a new Disney World ticket.

The new 1-Day Disney World seasonal ticket prices are as follows.

Value Season

1-Day Magic Kingdom Value Season Ticket: $105 (Ages 10+), $99 (Ages 3-9)

1-Day Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom Value Season Ticket: $97 (Ages 10+), $91 (Ages 3-9)

1-Day Park Hopper Value Season Ticket: $155 (Ages 10+), $149 (Ages 3-9)

Value Season Valid Days in 2016: Feb 28-March 3, August 22-Sept 29.

Value Season Blockout Dates in 2016: March 3-31, April 1-30, May 1-31, June 1-30, July 1-31, August 1-21, September 30, October 1-31, November 1-30, December 1-31, 2016

Regular Season

1-Day Magic Kingdom Regular Regular Ticket: $110 (Ages 10+), $104 (Ages 3-9)

1-Day Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom Regular Season Ticket: $102 (Ages 10+), $96 (Ages 3-9)

1-Day Park Hopper Regular Season Ticket: $160 (Ages 10+), $154 (Ages 3-9)

Regular Season Valid Days in 2016: All Value Season Days, March 4-10, April 3 – May 26, July 24 – August 21, September 30 – November 19, November 28 – December 21, 2016

Regular Season Blockout Dates in 2016: March 11-31, April 1-2, May 27-31, June 1-30, July 1-23, November 20-27, December 22-31, 2016

Peak Season

1-Day Magic Kingdom Peak Regular Ticket: $124 (Ages 10+), $118 (Ages 3-9)

1-Day Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom Peak Season Ticket: $114 (Ages 10+), $108 (Ages 3-9)

1-Day Park Hopper Peak Season Ticket: $164 (Ages 10+), $158 (Ages 3-9)

Peak Season Valid Days in 2016: All Value Season Days, All Regular Season Days, March 11 – April 2, May 27 – July 23, November 20-27, December 22-31, 2016

Peak Season Blockout Dates: None