The iconic click of the turnstile has all but disappeared from Disney World theme parks. In an initiative started early this year at Typhoon Lagoon, Disney has finally replaced all turnstile entrances with new RFID-reading touch point entry. Instead of handing your ticket to a cast member for them to run through a reader, you tap your card or Magic Band to the Mickey icon on the touch point and put your finger down on the fingerprint reader. The new turnstile-free entrances are much more open and have a few advantages.

First of all, without the turnstiles, the entrances are now much wider. It’s now much easier for guests in wheelchairs or strollers to get through the entrance. The more open entrance has really cut down on the lines to get into the park. While I did witness some guests struggling with the new touch point concept, in general I waited a lot less to get into the parks on my most recent trip to WDW. I honestly think the most I waited was about 30 seconds.

Leaving the park has also become easier, as you no longer have to go through turnstiles to exit or get your hand stamped. Overall, the experience of getting into and out of Disney World Parks has never been better.

Tip: Want to get through the touch point even faster? Follow this tip and you’ll be in the park in no time. While cast members will instruct you to place your ticket/band to the reader and then place your finger on the fingerprint reader, you can actually do both at the same time, which will actually get you through the entrance faster. It may only save you a little bit of time, but hey, that’smore time you can spend in Disney World!

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